A pioneer "sister" sent me this one.

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  • watson

    Reminds me of picking the mansion you were going to take after Armagedon.

  • SirNose586

    Wow, for the first time, I really didn't find that funny. There was a time when I would've agreed with it completely. Man, someone's frustrated, eh?

  • blondie

    After a mild rebuff from a person at the door, a sister muttered under her breath, "goat." I did remind her that the judging was being done by Jesus, self-righteous prig I was. But it made me wonder what kind of message her body language sent to people at the door. The WTS was less mild years ago. They are a little more tactful to the faces of non-JWs. But this is what they read and hear at their meetings. Can you imagine what a visiting non-JW might think?


    w05 5/15 p. 7 A World Without Poverty Is Near ***

    Goatlike humans, who reject Jesus’ rule, will be destroyed forever.


    w99 2/1 p. 10 par. 6 The Great Potter and His Work ***

    When the glorious King, Christ Jesus, comes for judgment, such dishonorable vessels will include all obstinate goatlike humans who will, as Matthew 25:46 states, "depart into everlasting cutting-off."


    w97 2/15 p. 29 Questions From Readers ***

    Jesus said nothing about people who long displayed goatlike attributes suddenly turning around and becoming like sheep.


    w95 10/15 p. 26 par. 15 What Future for the Sheep and the Goats? ***

    Preferring the wicked world, goatlike ones reject the Kingdom message, whether hearing it directly or indirectly.


    w95 10/15 p. 28 par. 24 What Future for the Sheep and the Goats? ***

    Some who at present seem goatlike may change and become like sheep. The point is that those responding and actively supporting the remnant of Christ’s brothers are thereby now giving evidence that will provide a basis for them to be placed on Jesus’ right hand when, in the near future, he sits down on his throne to render judgment.

    *** w91 10/15 p. 20 par. 19 Be Clothed With Mildness! ***

    Of course, his mild ways attracted "sheep," not wicked "goats." (Matthew 25:31-46; John 3:16-21) Though Jesus used strong terms in dealing with goatlike hypocrites, Jehovah’s Witnesses must be mild when declaring God’s judgment messages today because they do not have the same insight and authority that Jesus had.

    *** w89 5/1 p. 19 par. 4 Worship the Creator, Not The Creation ***

    Thus, everlasting destruction is the destiny of stubborn, goatlike people who do not want to know about God’s purposes or who refuse to act when they have the opportunity.

    *** w89 5/1 p. 19 par. 6 Worship the Creator, Not The Creation ***

    The willingness to search for Jehovah is what separates sheeplike people from goatlike ones.

    *** w79 7/15 p. 18 par. 18 Preaching in a Lawless World ***

    Though many persons today may show a "goatlike" disposition, there are still "sheep" waiting in your territories.

    *** w72 1/15 p. 54 par. 19 Completing the Work of the King’s Secretary ***

    When shortly the goatlike persons with the stubborn unmarked foreheads are smashed into destruction by the King’s executional force of the "six men,"

    *** w65 3/15 p. 176 par. 10 Our Own Twentieth-Century Generation and the Resurrection ***

    The undedicated children of goatish people will not be spared from execution and being sentenced to Gehenna just because they are themselves minor, unresponsible children. This hard fact is illustrated in the orders that Jehovah God issued to his executioners when apostate Jerusalem was to be destroyed. To his executioners he said: "Pass through the city after him [the man who marked the ones to be spared] and strike. Let not your eye feel sorry, and do not feel any compassion. Old man, young man and virgin and little child and women you should kill off." And that is what they did, as illustrated in Jerusalem’s destruction, 607 B.C.E.-Ezek. 9:5-7.

    *** w63 8/15 p. 501 par. 21 Each One Will Render an Account ***

    The goatlike people fail to show kindness to the King’s witnesses on earth.

    *** w58 12/1 p. 717 Pursuing My Purpose in Life ***

    What made work harder at times (aside from some goatish people and the ones not interested) was interference by police and law officers.

    *** w50 6/1 p. 176 Field Experience ***

    Field Experience


    While group witnessing in Pasadena, California, finding very little interest, I came to a house on the corner. A goatish woman at the door cared more for her religious fodder than for the bread of life, so I went to a small house in the rear, and in response to my knock a voice answered, "Come in!" On entering I saw a man sitting in a wheel chair, his arms no longer than twelve inches, with no hands; his knee joints are at his hips, and his legs very short, and, of course, he is unable to walk. He was born that way. He at once recognized the Kingdom message as the truth, took three bound books, and later subscribed for The Watchtower and Awake! He had previously heard of J. F. Rutherford, a former president of the Watchtower Society. I proceeded with a home Bible study with him. He is self-supporting, a radio announcer, and leaves books with persons in Hollywood that would be difficult for others to reach. He now is a publisher, averages fifteen hours a month, makes back-calls and conducts Bible studies. His brother cares for him, and both attend the company studies. He plans to go to the New York assembly and be immersed. All this in six months’ time.—Publisher in California.

    That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory . . . believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.—1 Peter 1:7, 8.

    *** kc chap. 16 p. 155 par. 9 "A Great Crowd" Hails the King ***

    When you call on your neighbors with the Kingdom message, you may find some who display a goatlike disposition. This they do by showing indifference or rudeness, or by outright opposition

  • simplesally

    Those are funny!

  • moshe

    """"But they're too cowardly to come out and say what they're really thinking.""""

    yea, like. "why am I so unhappy all the time, and I was sure Bro. Kumquat's homeopathic elixir would jazz me (tastes like mint flavored water) up and put some pep back into my sex life"- and "I hate cleaning carpets for a living- why didn't I go to college!!"

  • inthelibraryagain

    The next time I'm privileged to face those idiots I'm going to tell them I'm an apostate and begin speaking in tongues or maybe chase them back to their car!

  • earthtone

    LMAO.... I thought it was funny.

    Remember,she is still a witness, and when we were active witness, I'm sure we thought like that to a certain degree. She just being silly, and I'm sure she doesn't mean it as much as you think. It was probably purposely done over the top to get some laughs. I mean really you would go to some peoples door and they would be really mean and nasty and some would be really sweet about it. Granted alot of witness are self-righteous, but alot of them are really decent people who just got caught up in the cult. There is a diffeent, and she was probably thinking some of the nasty people when she wrote this. I remember at my congergation someone went out in field service and someone threw cold water out of a window and soaked them. Mind you it was the winter time in chicago. That was unnecessary and mean spirted!

    Sh*t, if you work in customer service you probably think about worst things you would love to say to people or even a annoying coworker.

    On the flipped side I loved Daniel-p's mock demonstration too.

  • Flash

    Very funny! Very clever!!! I saved it and will be mailing it out too.


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