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  • artcritic


    The web site is spam link removed


  • KW13

    Right, can i ask you a question?

    IF i go get one of my magazines/books off my shelf, i can get exactly the same images your saying exist within these pictures?

    I wouldn't be suprised if the Watchtower did such a thing, but you've got to ask why? Surely this is open to speculation and peoples own ideas of whats in them?

  • truthseeker

    The only definite sublimal picture I have seen in WT publications, that disturbs me, is the picture of Jehovah in the clouds in the Knowledge Book. When folding the page, it becomes a picture of a skull in the clouds atop a pyramid.

    How could anyone even think of folding a picture that way to get that result?

  • lisavegas420
    How could anyone even think of folding a picture that way to get that result?

    Though a clever gimmick, experienced readers can usually estimate what the revealed picture and text will be, even before folding the page. As a buffer to this, there is sometimes a "decoy" fold-in: two pieces of a diversionary image that look as if they will combine in the fold in, but which prove to be just part of the background, or which are obscured by the fold. However, the many parodies and homages to Jaffee's fold-in construction highlight the unique dexterity he brings to the format.

    Oh wait...sorry...silly me....wrong magzine


  • artcritic


    If you dig a bit more you will find out who is behind the mask. try more LINKS

    Thanks for looking.


  • kerj2leev

    Didn't Beck do something like this in one of his videos.

  • Anitar

    Fascinating... and extremely effective on the subconscious mind. Asuming, of course, the subject has a conscious mind to begin with.


  • Seeker4


    You keep bringing your website onto this board, and saying you're sorry about it.

    I have to say that this subliminal art seems like a bunch of bullshit - especially the mirror image thing. I have one word for you to think about - kaleidoscope. Mirror images create patterns that are not there in the original image. You can do this with any art.

    I'm sorry you keep bringing this idiocy here as well. Stop it.


  • MegaDude

    Perhaps Agent Scully will dispose of this moron once and for all.

  • lovelylil

    This is the same link as the last time. Nothing at all new here. No one is interested in this as anyone can "see" other images in any magazine if you look hard enough. And since most of us have already left the tower why would we even care now about these images? You are preaching to the choir my friend. Lilly

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