Responses to our Letter to JW Friends

by LennyinBluemont 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • Outaservice

    Now, you planted the seed, let God make it grow. Don't dig it up every so often to see how it is, leave it alone and let it grow. Go on with life, answer kindly those who inquire but remember, You did your part.


  • buffalosrfree

    Her response shows she is stil captured by the jdubs bs., especially this weeks wt study of appreciation for the org, what a bunch of bull, i had asked my wife show me in the scriptures where God uses an Org. to accomplish his will, well she tried to go to the tempe arrangement, but then i showed her where Nathan contacted David, Samuel Saul, others who were prophets, wise men etc. not the temle arrangement that put out info, it was always people singularly, from dreams or supposed direct contact as in the case of Lot. Well hopefully itwill get her to thinking.

  • Seeker4

    Very nicely done letters. Great tone, great reasoning.

    I'm sure you've made a lot of people think, and who knows where that will lead down the road when Armageddon hasn't come and nothing else has changed.


  • LennyinBluemont

    Thanks again, all, for the nice comments. Of course anything I post here may be freely used by anyone. I consider it in the public domain. We just arrived last night in Portland for a business conference. Anybody nearby? We are staying at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA.

  • Twitch

    Hey Lenny,

    Nice letter, very well worded. I admire the guts you have in doing this.

  • willyloman


    Your response was the best one I've every read. Nice work! It reminds all of us that we hold the moral high ground and should never relinquish it to these over-indoctrinated puppets.

    Willyloman, former puppet.

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