Paying society a contribution

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  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    Paying Society a Contribution

    Paying the Society a contribution? "What are you insane?"
    "Why, would I want to do that?" If that was what you were
    thinking, relax, that is not what this article is about. Then,
    what do you mean regarding paying society a contribution?

    The skills that former Jehovah's Witnesses have acquired

    Having read the numerous postings on this discussion board
    has lead me to believe that there are quite a number of us
    who have exceptional abilities in many different areas. How

    The things learned in our former lives

    It is understandable that a number of individuals will disagree
    when stating that they have learned certain values due to their
    association as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. However, think about
    this for one moment. Think about the time, sacrifices, and energy
    we have spent within the organization only to be disappointed
    in the end. It takes persons of character to present public talks,
    pioneer for 90 hours a month and to be as meticulous and detailed
    towing the line, as some of us were as Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Crisis of Conscience

    Raymond Franz wrote one of the greatest books ever written by a
    former Jehovah's Witness. There were no feelings of hatred or
    bitterness within his writing style. 1 One source has described its
    tone as being calm and objective.

    Learning from Ray's example

    It is with confidence that a claim could be made that this single
    book has contributed releasing the bonds of enslavement to a
    corrupt corporation. No doubt, it has benefited and educated
    thousands of individuals worldwide.

    Pooling our skills and resources together

    Together as one, we as former Jehovah's Witnesses could give
    a "witness" to the world regarding our life's experiences. Think
    about becoming involved in moving and detailed television
    documentaries. Perhaps, a Hollywood movie describing the
    trap of cults and organized religions. Brainstorm and see what
    you can come up with. In other words, take a negative life's
    experience and turn it into a positive one.

    What's in it for me?

    "Okay, Wanderer I see where your going with this, but what's
    in it for me?"

    1) It can give us the opportunity to educate individuals regarding
    these "deathtrap religions".

    2) It can give us the opportunity to share our experiences with
    others who have similar backgrounds regarding this "religion" or
    any other "religion."

    3) It can possibly create a monetary benefit for you or your family.

    4) Most importantly, it can even things up with the Watchtower
    Bible and Tract Society regarding our hurt feelings and disappoint-

    Thoughts to consider...


    The Wanderer

    1 -Dr. Ingemar Linden, Th.D Dagen, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Arthur
    Think about becoming involved in moving and detailed television

    documentaries. Perhaps, a Hollywood movie describing the

    trap of cults and organized religions.

    This is a good idea. I already have an idea for a movie title.

    Remember Michael Moore's film Farenheit 9/11? It would be cool to make a movie about the Watchtower Society called: Farenheit 607.


    Show me your business plan..Post it,so all can see..On JWD...OUTLAW

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi wanderer My bf and me are be interested in seeing your proposal. Show us more

  • lowden

    I think that Joe Public is already scared witless enough of being involved with the JWs. I don't think a film is going to strengthen their resolve that much more.

    Remember how people used to react to us when we knocked on their doors? JWs are seen as fookin' weirdo's. Pretty good judgement IMO.

    Even the blinking Moonies still get converts.

    JW's will sadly ALWAYS get converts as long as they exist as an org'.

    Our efforts through channels such as this forum will be just as effective in deterring the unwary.



  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    A Formal Business Plan

    Individuals have been asking for a formal business plan regarding the latest post.
    At this stage it could be considered a preliminary plan. In other words, information gathering, searching for resources and investigating the possibilities. In short the idea is on the table.

    This is What We Know

    It will take some effort on our part. However, the workload will be lighter with more individuals involved. Can we contact individuals who have websites that may have databases of "famous" ex-Jehovah's Witnesses in order to get us moving in the right direction?

    Writing of books

    Some of us know of individuals who have written books. Can we contact them? Can we ask them how they started their projects? In other words, who, what, where, when, how, and why?

    The recent film knocking

    A few of us have contacted the director and have received reply's regarding this film. Can we ask him to consider the "flip side of the coin" regarding the Watchtower Society? If not, can he point us in the right direction to a source that maybe interested in the idea? Do we know anyone who was in a film or documentary?

    One but not alone

    As the saying goes "two heads are better then one" and perhaps with a little effort from all of us, we can climb this "mountain." For now let's keep this idea on the table and expand on it continually on future threads.


    The Wanderer

  • serendipity

    Hi wanderer,

    It will be interesting to see what the final stats are on the 'Knocking' documentary. To get Hollywood's interest, we'll have to work in nudity, sex (between adults) , explosions and blood/gore.

  • uwishufish

    You ask for brain storming. Here goes!

    1. If it's a film it should put in the public's view, pictures of their real estate holdings with $ value attached.

    2. Show a JC in action.

    3. Show some poor bastard dying in a hosp. bed for refusing blood.

    4. Canid pictures of an excentric elder giving a talk.

    5. Personal experencies of those that sold everything for 1975

    6. Interview with a JW janitor cleaning wordly people's poop off a toilet and explaining how Jah has provided for them in their decision to forgo college.

    7. Read excerpts from the elders secret book.


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