'AS' needs some support right now... Help appreciated!

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  • mkr32208

    ...Ug where to start...

    The family has been in NY for the last few weeks. Sunday we got a call that 'AS's grandmother had died. My wife was much closer to her grandmother than her mother and was very upset. We left Sunday night about 1:30am and drove back to Florida so she could be here. We had a flat about 4am monday morning which took a few hours to get fixed up so we got in early (about 2:30) tuesday morning. Tuesday morning about 9am she went down to her parents and helped work up the 'talk' for her g-mother. The brother who will give the talk is going to really talk about her and not just the BS jw message so that is good. While she was there her mother (she of the multiple suicide attempts) freaked out and started hitting herself screaming "all my babies are dead..." Whatever, I'd have handed her a knife and said "go for it" but thats why I wasn't there!... Continuing my story! Her dad got her mother calmed down and medicated. Turns out that she was diagnosed with schizophrenia recently. That just goes on the list of shit wrong with this woman in my book... Anyway she's probably not long for this world either. Anneshirley (god it's hard to get used to using her screen name instead of her RL name!) is very depressed and upset plus she's starting in a new office on Sept 1st (same company difference branch) but stress level is 110% or more!

    Anyway if some of you evil 'postulates would drop her a line at [email protected] or even make a comment here it might help cheer her up a bit!

    Thanks guys (and girls) I know I can count on you!

  • Gill

    (((( AS ))))) Take it all one day at a time. Don't worry about what you've got to do tomorrow but get each job out of the way slowly. The funeral and coping with your family first. Then getting back home. Take it as easy as you can! I hope all goes well at your new office. I'm sure that it will be fine. Love Gill

  • serendipity

    ((( AS )))

    I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother. Please take good care of yourself and try not to take on more than you absolutely have to while you're grieving. Can you take a bit of extra time off before starting the new job? That might be helpful. I wish you the best.

  • Sunspot


    Things are tough enough when a beloved family member dies, but this added drama can really take it's toll on the rest of those there at the house at this time.

    Please take time for yourself, and try VERY hard to remember that your Mother is not responsible for what she says or does. Sometimes it is easier to try and keep as much distance (even in a house) between you and her outbursts and terrible behavior.

    You are thought of and loved.....so try and keep your chin up (and your hands in your pockets ) You can and will get through this awful time, Sweetie.....



  • Quandry


    My dad died not too long ago. It was difficult to get through. What makes the going easier is when you have those that love you. Apparently your husband loves you very much as he is thinking of you and how he can help you through encouragement from others. Sounds like he is a real keeper.

    Also, your Grandma was fortunate to have a granddaughter who loved her so much. Many people go through life very lonely. She knew that she was cared about.

    In the end we all die; it's how we live that is important. If you are always trying to do for others you will make life better for yourself and those around you.

    Sounds like you are under alot of stress right now. Hope soon things calm down. Will be thinking of you.

  • parakeet

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Just get through this awful time as best you can. Try to get as much rest as you can. I hope your new job goes well for you.

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