Women in the Org.

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  • earthtone

    I'm sure after I post the thread will be kilt, it's usually what happens.lol. But I'll still have my say!

    I especially feel bad for women who take that let the man lead mentality home with them. They have to put up with so much crap and accept it because, the man is our spirtual head and we should heed his counsel. When I think of all the women who are abused by their husband and try to seek help and all the get from the elders is a " perserve in pray" type of counsel, I get really pissed!

  • lovelylil


    you make a good point. I knew of many such sisters who were abused at home and NEVER went to the elders. I know one who did go and they told her they would not speak with the husband unless HE came to them as he was the head of the family. Thank God that marriage did not last and she now is married to a wonderful "worldly" man who does not abuse her.

  • Flash

    I just recenty opened a thread on the same thing.

    I strongly disagree with the WTS view of a womans 'place.'

    I describe it in detail here:

    Concerning the Place of Women in the Congregation.

  • snarf

    Thank you all so much for your input! Lovelylil what an awesome wealth of help you have given me here. I looked up some stuff out of the Insight on the Scriptures book under Priscilla and all it said was that she was a great helper to her husband Aquila, but it doesn't say to what extent. I posted earlier this week about my old teacher and her husband coming and am trying to let her know why I will not return ever to the EVIL ORG> but I wanted some scriptures to back it up a little instead of personal opinions.

    Flash, sorry I posted the same topic my computer is off and on and I missed that days posts. I read your post and got even more info I needed, so thank you very much as well.

  • parakeet

    ***In many churches today (as well as societies) woman are treated as second-class citizens.***

    I agree with your statement except for the "many" churches. What churches offer FULL equality to women (not just given a few extra privileges here and there)? I don't know of any.

  • Flash


    Flash, sorry I posted the same topic my computer is off and on and I missed that days posts.

    Now I feel bad, I didn't mean anything by mentioning my Thread. I know that most Threads come and go pretty quickly thats all. Mine had a pretty short life. LOL

  • lovelylil

    snarf - glad I could help.

    Parakeet -

    I see your point. The reason I said "many" instead of all is that I only write from personal experience. And while I have belonged to or attended most of the Christian denominational churches, I have not attended all of them and really do not know if there are any that treat women any better. I did not therefore want to make a blanket statement and offend some who may attend a more liberal church. But your point is valid as most churches seem to believe the "Adam was created first therefore is better than Eve myth". Since mostly men have been in leadership within the church systems for generations now, we can see why this "self promoting" (for men that is) myth is rampant. As some others have brought out Eve was to be a compliment to Adam not a subservient or lesser person.

    I think it is clear from the Bibles view that Jesus did not treat women the way that most priests, elders, deacons, pastors, etc treat them today. Whether you believe Jesus to be the son of God or just a historical person - he was clearly before his time in many ways. His treatment of women is just one way.

    Thanks all for your critique of my article.

    Flash - I checked out your post too. Lilly

  • snarf


    I wasn't trying to be hateful, I just wanted to let you know I wasn't trying to get more responses than you got..lol. My posts never last long either, I think my topics have a shelf life of 1 day. I did get a lot of info though after eading it and I think I will put it to good use.

  • Flash


    As some others have brought out Eve was to be a compliment to Adam not a subservient or lesser person.

    The way Christ is with his Father. Now I realize their both masculine gender, even so, I believe they "patterned" the relationship between a husband and wife after themselves (note, I did not say man and woman).

    Flash - I checked out your post too. Lilly
    Thank you, I hope it helps.
  • sspo

    Always wondered if Paul forbade women in teaching in the cong. why is it that they can give talks in the school

    are they not teaching? The difference on the #4 talk between sisters and brothers is that the sisters are sitting down.

    1 tim 2:11

    Let a woman learn in silence with full submissiveness. 12 I do not permit a woman to teach, or to exercise authority over a man, but to be in silence

    Why does not the GB follow the counsel given by paul? They pick and choose

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