Ever know anyone killed by a drunk driver?

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  • free2beme

    Often people I work with will mention how they, or someone they knew, drove when they had been drinking. Although they make light of it, because they lived and no one got hurt, they seem to develop a braver and more confident ability in their driving while intoxicated and seem to think the law is not for them. I personally, hate to hear about this and this is why.

    A good friend of our family, a non Witness that we grew up with. Graduated from High School in 1987 as valedictorian. She was accepted to UC Davis in California with a full ride scholarship. She was a beautiful woman, with an amazing future. In her second semester of College, she came home for Mother's Day. She always made it a point to be home on Mother's Day, since her father died in a plane crash a couple years earlier. My sister and I met up with her for a movie on Saturday night, and we all went to dinner. In the parking lot we all set and talked about all the fun college stuff she was experiencing and all the stupid things we did as kids. It was getting late, so she headed home with her sister (younger sister, 13 years old). We went home, went to bed and the next day was like any other day. My mother came in with the newspaper and their was a front page picture of a car accident. It appeared a driver got on the off ramp and hit some poor unlucky person head on at 60 mph. The damage looked terrible, but since it was someone we did not know, it was just a picture.

    The day went on and about 11am we get this call from a friend of ours from High School asking if the girl who died last night was our friend. My sister was confused, what accident? We did not know what they were talking about. My sister tried to call our friend, but the line was busy. She began to panic, and called another friend who knew nothing of it. We then called the hospital, and asked if their was a person there with our friends name. They said there was, and that she was okay and going into surgery. We thought, why did people think she was dead then. So we felt a little better, then a friend came to our door that knew us all, crying. We asked what was wrong. She said that our friend was dead, and we were puzzled. We explained that we knew she was hurt, but she was in surgery. They explained, it was her sister in surgery, that our friend died a few seconds after the accident and her last words were to ask her sister if she was okay. It was a hard moment in life. A lot of us friends got together that night, for support and for memories to share. We found out the man who hit her was extremely drunk, and because of this he hardly even got hurt. The man kept saying, while he lay there on the side of the road, "You can't sue me for anything, I'm poor" and no concern for our friend who lay crushed and dead in her car, only feet away.

    The funeral was hard, and almost a high school reunion of sorts, as most of our friends all went to school together. I thought it did not affect my life much, as the years went by and I went on my own way. She was always closer to my sister, then to me, and I moved on easier. What was interesting though, is that when speaking to my sister recently, she mentioned that the major life event that caused her to be a Witness, was this one.

    So, with this in mind, do you know anyone killed by a drunk driver? If so, how do you feel about those who do it and seem to think they are not going to be the one, that may one day ruin the life of others, not to mention take the life of someone. From their one little ride home?

  • blondie

    One too many. I stopped counting. I was involved in 2 accidents where the other driver had been drinking...I was just a passenger. It was dumb luck that I didn't become a person killed by a drunk driver.

    Would you let a person shoot a gun into a room full of people? Then you wouldn't let a person drive drunk.


  • JWdaughter

    In high school the girl who sat next to me in 11th grade English, Alisha Studley was killed by a drunk driver-who was her prom date. She went to prom with a senior. He was hurt but lived. I know we were devastated by it (and I wasn't close to her) and his life was also destroyed. Another boy in my school was killed in my junior or senior year. He was one of those guys that fit into every group from the jocks, the nerds, the brains and everything in between. Very very cool kid. I did like him a lot and admired his character even then when I was more interested in more shallow things.

    My mom told me how she wanted me be her designated driver recently. She said if I was going then I would need to drive. If she was going by herself she wouldn't worry about driving, but she wouldn't want to drive after drinking with anyone in the car. I told her it wasn't just the people in the car that mattered, it was all the other people on the roads. She told me that she knows how much she can drink, she just knows that all her kids get overly worried if she drinks and drives!!! Yes, it is all about OUR paranoia!!!

  • JWdaughter

    20 years ago my husband got a DUI and still feels he should not have been convicted (he got a bad lawyer!) His attitude pisses me off, big time. He was hit by a drunk driver about 11 years ago himself. That was the guys 3rd time. He tried to get us to plead for him to not be punished harshly because he had 3 kids who would go into foster care. I doubt that, but if so, it would be better than being raised by a drunk who drives without thinking. We stayed out of that!

  • mama1119

    We had a very good friend we grew up with that was hit head on by a drunk driver when she was 17, almost 18. Her Mom broke her neck and her boyfriend broke his back. Her two sister suffered major injuries as well. The guy had his small son with him in the front seat. Both of them were injured, although not seriously. It was devastating to her family.

    My Mom was hit by a drunk driver 15 years ago and still suffers pain in her back as a result.

  • AudeSapere

    February 15, 1975

    Two friends of ours (father and son) were killed on the way to an assembly by a drunk driver.

    I as understand it, the drunk driver was not fined or jailed because he would have to live with the knowledge of what he had for the rest of his life. Hardly fair or just. I'm glad times have changed.

    20 years later, those that were close to the family still referred to it as 'The Accident'. No other identifiers needed. It was traumatic for all involved. The mother never really got over it. She died 4 years ago (I suspect suicide since noone would tell me what happened to her.)


  • AudeSapere

    PS to my post above...

    The mom was critically injured in the accident and the other son (about 12 at the time) was not injured at all - he was wearing his seatbelt - while his younger brother was not belted in.

    For 3 decades I've used 'Ricky' as an example for kids to stay seated and properly belted in.

    Last I heard, the surviving son is serving in Brooklyn - possibly in the Service Dept.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    In San Jose California in 1982 a young person I knew, not a witnoid, was at a party at a cemetary in the Santa Cruz mts. He was drunk, on pills and weed. He drove off down the hill with two passengers, two fleshly brothers... one 18 and one just 16. Of course he came around a corner and there were headlights in his lane. He panicked and slid into the parked car of a 15 year old joyrider who was taking a piss next to the car. The drunk's car hit it like the top part of a T, the post in the middle of the passenger side was pushed into the middle of the car. Both boys were dead on the scene. The driver lived.

    There were over four hundred at the funeral. There was an NBC news program then called "First Camera" who came to Saratoga and did a program on the accident, interviewing a young couple who refused to ride in the car and had tried to take the keys from the driver so he couldn't leave. They even tried to disuade the boys from driving with this fool. He had turned 18 three days before. By some clever lawyering he recieved two years in the youth authority. He received a huge scar from his neck to his belly button when they opened him to see if he had any damage. He carries that scar to this day. He was a haughty S.O.B.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Just ran into this photo, horrid. Makes the point. It's not funny. This is real pain.



  • nelly136

    http://www.helpjacqui.com/pdf/jacqui.pdf full story of the girl in the poster pdf form.

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