Why do you think Mormons are more acceptable in society then Witnesses?

by free2beme 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • free2beme

    Mormons think the garden of Eden was in Jackson County Missouri. They think that American Indians are descendants of a tribe of Israel that came to America and were turned red from their sins. They think that Jesus appeared to the Indians. They think their founder was true, even though he never produced the stones he supposedly translated from. All these things are true about Mormons, and yet none of the Witness beliefs I held to be true were even in the ballpark of insanity that these beliefs are. Yet in almost any environment I ever worked in, went to school in or even socialized in. I, as the Witness, was always looked down upon, more so then any Mormon? Why?

  • serendipity

    Mormons are more mainstream - they vote and take blood transfusions. They're not as self-righteous as JWs either.

  • free2beme

    Ever walk by them in field service? I always felt like someone was going to yell out, "My god can beat up your god!"

  • okie46

    Maybe part of the reason is besides being a more active part of society, they also celebrate Christmas, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has one of the most beautiful Christmas concerts.

  • sspo

    They are not actively preaching as the JW, they don't bother people as the witnesses do.Just a few young men are involved in the work.

    They don't argue as much and try to shove it down their throat

  • blondie

    I think it helps to understand the hidden underside of the Mormon church. Pedophiles celebrate Christmas and sing Christmas hymns and take blood transfusions but I don't think that makes them better than the rank and file JW.




  • looking_glass

    Honestly I don't think society accepts them more. Consider LDS discourage drinking alcohol, pop and taking meds (but I cannot remember which ones it is) A secretary I had was a LDS and she had all kinds of things she could and could not do. She had special undergarments she wore. Her father is a bigot, raging alcoholic and abusive but he is higher up in the religion. When she was a kid she complained to the power that be about her father's beatings and they essentially told her that her they did not believe her. She had all kinds of hang ups. I met a number of her friends who were also LDS and they seemed in the same place we are in, questioning but at a lost as to what to do because this was there entire life, their entire family.

  • Gregor

    For one thing, they have a lot more money.

  • blondie

    As an organization, that may be true, Gregor. Having lived in Mormon country, I can also tell you that there are many Mormons who individually are just squeaking by or are destitute. Quite a few faithful Mormons give the tithe, 10% of their gross income, but not all. I found there are also a large group of people raised Mormons that are no longer actively involved but stay under the wire so their family won't "shun" them. And regardless of what Mormons say, they do shun their ex-members. I found that LDS have more in common with WTS than differences.



  • mama1119

    I have never found them to be as accepted. It seems like, around here, they are in the same class as each other. In high school, the Mormons were not near as accepted as the JW.

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