This happened locally, if your a parent ... learn from it

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  • free2beme

    This is a small town area. I actually used to live about three houses down from these people. When I read of something like this, it makes me all the more careful as a parent and never assume anything when it comes to your young children. If this happened to me, I would die that same day, I could not live with myself after.

    Toddler hit by pickup dies

    Man accidentally struck his 17-month-old daughter, who ran in front of the truck as he pulled out of his driveway in Central Point

    CENTRAL POINT — A toddler died Saturday morning after being struck by a pickup driven by her father. The 17-month-old girl wandered into the street unnoticed by her father, Patrick Rogers, 50, who was pulling his Ford F-150 pickup out of the family's driveway to go pick up a boat, Central Point police Lt. Chuck Newell said. Investigators determined that the little girl ran in front of the truck, which was high enough that Rogers couldn't see her, Central Point police Detective Josh Moulin said. The investigation found no wrongdoing and no charges or citations will be filed, he said. "He had no idea she was there," Moulin said. "It's just a terrible tragedy." The accident in the 1000 block of Fairfield Avenue, Central Point, happened at around 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Jackson County Fire District No. 3 and Mercy Flights responded and rushed the girl to Rogue Valley Medical Center, where she died, Newell said. Investigators closed the street in the quiet suburban area while they collected evidence at the scene as neighbors walked dogs and rode bikes along the broad streets. Detectives spent much of the day at the hospital interviewing family members. A Medford police chaplain was called to assist the family, which has a supportive network of extended family members in the area, ulin said.

  • anewme

    Free2be, this is just awful.

    I have been in those trucks that are lifted off the ground and it is impossible to see what is behind while you are backing up. He got careless. His mind was on the damn boat. I feel so sorry for that man and his wife.

    He should sell the stupid truck.

  • anewme

    Oh I see it was just a normal truck. Well, it just shows you cant be too careful when you have little ones about.

    They do want to run out to say goodbye to their daddies and mommies. They are so innocent of danger.

    Ive heard of this tragedy before. And a relative lost her toddler in the backyard pond. You live long enough and youve heard them all. Kids being left in hot cars. Kids jumping off the roof like superman.
    Kids running out into the street after balls, dogs, etc.

    I probably would be an over protective mother and would guard my kids all the time. Im very danger conscious. But when a woman has two or three or four---yikes! How do they keep track of all?
    I do think my JW sister in law did a good job with her three triplets.
    Also I had a JW friend, my best friend, had 9 children. Very rare in the borg. But children were her thing. All survived with all fingers and toes and lots of fun and adventure. But she was a stay at home and kept her eye on them boys, two girls. Got to hand it to her huh?

    Always sorry to hear of tragedies like this.

  • SirNose586

    That's horrible.

    About having lots of kids--I don't understand why. Do you have a farm? If the answer is no, I don't think you need to have so many kids nowadays. There was a part on a past circuit assembly wherein the DO talked about this family that had 12 kids. An audible gasp arose from the audience when he said the "12 kids" part. What woman would want to live through that more than two or three times??

  • juni

    That's a sad story. I guess we all live and learn. That poor family. It sounds like they do have a support network of friends and family. That is very good.


  • Odrade

    I know someone who this happened in their family. Kid ran behind the dad, and he ran over the boy and killed him. It scares me. I almost hit a kid in our neighborhood who ran behind my car as I was backing out of my driveway. He was about 2 years old, and he ran out from behind a bush and slapped the back of my car then ran away. I caught movement in the corner of my eye and hit the brakes because I thought it was a critter. Good thing I did, or I would have run him over.
    His parents were inside, not paying any attention to him as usual.

  • nsrn

    So awful! I'm an ER nurse, and took care of a toddler who was hit by her mommy in a similar 'blind spot' tragedy. Absolutely heartbreaking--one of my worst experiences in my 24 years there...

    As an aside, 40 years ago one of the sisters in our congregation backed over a little boy while out in service and killed him. My only recall of the incident that I was dropped off abruptly at a cousin's for a LONG time while Mom stayed with her. Mom says she(the driver) was never the same.

  • free2beme

    I know it would be terrible the most if it was my child, but to do that to any child or anyone, would be a hard thing to live with.

  • MinisterAmos

    Why are you invading that man's privacy by posting this article?

    Just curious because that was the response in the deleted thread about the JW Elder David Pleake in WA who drove drunk and killed a 22 y/o girl last Saturday.

    This guy isn't even a JW that I can see.

  • AudeSapere

    Mister Amos -

    The man in this story does not seem to be under suspicion of drunk driving. It seems to be more of just a terrible, terrible accident and, as the person who started the thread stated, a lesson for us to learn from - to be extra cautious around our own and neighbor children.

    The story with the drunk driver, in my opinion, crossed a line when the driver's employer/co-workers were called in order to stir up even more trouble for the man and his family.

    Sounds like you are often determined to stir up trouble in people's lives...

    Is your own life that lacking that you feel compelled to mess with others?


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