Why JW's know so much about the Bible

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  • hamsterbait

    They know very little about a lot of things in the Bible. That's why the R&F never spot how twisted some of their interpretations are.

    In the Bethel extirpations of the 80's, the Gofors were told "get a hobby" and not to do "deep bible study"(!!) Those who studied were villified and slandered. The reign of terror continues there to this day.

    Of course deep study and careful reading of the context of the few verses quoted by the WTBS leads people to see how they have been lied to for 130 years.


  • sspo

    Most of you remember the society used to quote an older sister as saying that everytime she received the watchtower and awake,it felt it was as a letter from Jehovah God.

    If that's not self-exaltation of themselves, i don't know what is

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Everytime I get bills in the mail I feel like they are little love letters from satan!

  • BizzyBee

    You would need a deep understanding of the various scriptures of the Bible in order to really see what the Bible is talking about.
    Oh, it's deep alright. And high. And smells.

  • Ade

    Just before i DSA'd myself , i spoke to a sister who is in her 90's. ( she still speaks to me lol ).
    i said i was leaving because i had been reading the bible, she replied to me "Yes Adrian thats something we dont do enough of here"
    i think that statement coming from someone whos been a witness for over 80 years says it all.

    All the best -Ade

  • hamsterbait

    You do need to be a Dub to understand their brand of religion. You need the brain washing and thought stopping and pogramming so you don't think about what you are reading in the bible. They know very little about lots of things in the bible. If you find out lots about specific subjects in the bible and really understand, you are already half way through the exit. After the extirpation at NY Bethel in the 80's, the Gofors were told to "get a hobby" "avoid deep bible study". The reptiles knew that deep study will show how they have added ideas and misrepresented, twisted and deliberately mistranslated the bible to promote their lies; even to downplaying Christ and divine Grace as taught by him. Deep study of WTBTS litterature will expose how they have contradicted themselves, flip-flopped, lied and rehashed rehashes of reinterpreted reinterpretations for 130 years. Truth is such a plastic concept to them that no JW knows how to live with real integrity or honesty. (and I don't mean by that - what you do with your genitals or money)
    Actually, now I remember who started the thread, I think it's true to say that most Dubs would have a hard time living with HONESTY!!! (No insult intended!)

    Drew S is right as well - more and more they quote a Watchtower to "prove" what is being said by another Watchtower. Same in the Insight books - "see such and such a book p.- para. -"

    HB Sorry for the duplication - I had a problem last night, and my previous post appeared to be lost. That's why i posted again today.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Our concern when faced with the use of WT stilted vocabulary, is to be made aware of the fact that when a member of the WT system uses certain words or phrases, that these are pregnant with affectations deliberatrly imposed by the centralized leadership of the WT.

    For instance when I say that we are now about to embark on a "Bible study" you will understand exactly what I mean, as any free person would. You would know that I am referring to an investigation of a specified portion of Scripture, Romans chapter 8, for instance, using the Bible ALONE. However such an analysis presupposes a variety of explanations, beliefs and religious experiences, all of which are capable of being recognized in any civilized society. But this is intolerable to the leadership of the WT movement. To them, the Bible must be seen to say EXACTLY what THEY want it to say. Hence the intrusion of WT literature.

    When a member of the WT movement refers to the expression "bible study" he/she is referring directly to an inculcation of WT theology using a prescibed piece of WT sponsored literature. The indulgence of this literature, enforced by WT fiat, ensures the R&F are aware not of what the Bible says, but rather what the WT leadership says the bible says.

    Sever members of the Headquaters staff of the WT have testified to their expulsion from the WT movement simply because they, like Martin Luther, insisted on Sola Scriptura.

    I remember in previous years, after a particularly ardous study of a WT article, a member of the congregation remarking how "deep" the study was. In fact, the exact opposite was true. It was in fact a very shallow study. However it was admittedly a very complex study, the complexity measured by the writer's inabilty either to cope with the modulations of the English language, or to grasp the finer points of the theology he was in fact writing about. This is how an illusion is created in the minds of the WT follower that what is being discussed is "deep"

    Here's a snippet of a conversation between a WT adherant, and his/her spouse, to illustrate this anomaly - the WT person speaking first:

    "Hi, honey, hey! Guess what? I did a terrific bible study last night"

    "Oh yeah? You mean you've been reading the "bible teach" book again?"

    "Yes !! How the hell did you guess?"


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