Have you ever had just one of those days?

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  • restrangled

    It started out the same, ...cleaning floors, bathrooms, kitchen, ...even got the fridge cleaned out.

    The household was humming. Ran to the store to get dinner ingredients for grilling, special salad etc.

    All was OK until the air went out for the 4th time this week. Called the AC guy out, he showed up within an hour. He promptly shut us down until tomorrow morning, this was at high noon in FLa. He couldn't work on the unit outside because it was "sprinkling" and...he was scared of our new Dobes, he had just gotten bit on the A$$ by some pip squeak dog and had to have 33 stiches.

    He comes to our door and I tell "My boys, the dobes" to go lay down and they respond instantly, ...this idiot is still shaking in his shoes.

    What needs repairing is outside. They are nowhere near him. The unit works at night, but no dice after he got done.

    In the mean time we need a fan, ....I will not go into this but due to the heat and crabiness of all concerned that didn't work out well either. (Lots of cross words, hurt feelings etc.)

    So here we sit in Florida, in a sweltering 96 degree home, with open windows, growing mold as you read this, taking in roaches, mesquitos, and god knows what else into the house.

    Everyone is hot, sweaty and cranky and we can barely breathe. Most homes in Fla only have one or two windows with screens and this exactly our fate. (Wish us luck overnight, will you?)

    Thanks for listening...just one of those days.


  • mama1119

    Oh My Goodness yes!!!! Today is one of those days, although no air conditioning problems in my own home, but I have to clean my brothers house once a week, and that was today, and his A/C is really touch and go. It is over 100 degrees today and I am pregnant and as huge as a house and feel like Im carrying a heater on my stomach not to mention my toddler that likes to climb on me and a big hairy dog following me around the house. He thinks he is a lap dog and he is 60lbs. The heat makes me grouchy grouchy grouchy. I can't wait for fall!!!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I think we are having the same kind of day, got stuck at the bank, 90 degrees outside, in a dress shirt and slacks, my Mini cooper died, had to wait 1 hour for help, Just spoke to the dealership and they think it MIGHT be under warrenty but bring it in and they will tell me!!!!!

    Sorry for what your going through, I was in Florida during Hurricane Francis, How did people live in Florida before they had AC??

  • gwyneth

    You might want to invest in a little window air conditioning unit--and then just live out of the one room that it cools. It does help. I got a really small one for $72 at Home Depot.

  • serendipity

    ((( restrangled )))

    I've been without A/C for a few days and it's miserable.

  • Beachbender

    it`s kind of like dealing with no power due to a hurricane or bad storm, with out having either one!!! Sucks!! Ours` constantly freezes up during the summer months here we`re always cleaning coils!!!

    wordly Andre; I`ve lived in Florida most of my life, and we got by years ago without AC simply for the fact the climate was different here then less population, thus less homes, cars, pollution, and we had lots of TREES!!! which is the first thing that goes when all these damn luxury condos and hotels go up! and with all this comes the cut off of our coastal sea breezes, so now we have more people and concrete that has to be cooled!

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