Why Did Adam & Eve Need An Immune System???

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  • james_woods

    OK - nobody got the correct answer, so I am compelled to reveal it:

    The immune system was created so that in the time of the end, the HIV virus could come and selectively (reader may insert here any hated subgroup of humanity) destroy it, therefore adding immeasurably to the terror and suffering of all the evil human race. It of course does not hurt innocent animals (exept for some kinds of monkey, who are partly to blame for the Darwin theory).

    JW are of course immune as they do not take blood transfusions, do drugs, or have any sort of sex.

    Now, let's move on to something more important - why did Adam and Eve have an appendix?

    I have already given you a hint...

  • plmkrzy

    Did Eve really have a conversation with a snake?

    Was Satan the first snake?

    Were the other snakes nice?

    Did they eat fruit?

  • sspo

    Very good point.

    Never thought of it.

    Could it be that god knew they were going to fall since he knows all things? If he did then nothing else makes sense

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Uh James,
    You are 'chasing your own tail.' We barely have any real, provable, complete knowlege of any scientific observations as it is. You can ask, "What if, Why is this," and so on forever and ever, never getting anywhere. Each one of us are unique human beings and are obviously of greater design than any other creature.
    The Bible contains a lot of history and observations on man's faults, weaknesses as well as strengths. The Bible gives us a possible viewpoint from Deity. It offers an explanation but is not all encompassing, as can be readily observed. It does however lead us to one figure in history who we cannot get past easily. He is Jesus Christ and He is not allowing us to 'sit on the fence'. Each one of us has enough information to believe or not believe.

  • hamsterbait


    wot -wot - wot!!!

    The Church of Rome puts it all down to a Jewish morality fable?

    Give me a reference - IMPORTANT.


  • FairMind
    So immune system is God's gift of grace against consequences Sin created.

    Don’t think so. Before sinning and becoming imperfect man’s immune system was perfect and prevented ALL disease perfectly. All of God’s creation including germs and bacteria, etc.. is with a purpose although we may not understand the purpose. The purpose of germs and bacteria was not to make us sick but to perform some other function that God intended. Problem for us is that having imperfect immune systems Germs and bacteria are also wreaking havoc on mankind.

  • moshe

    Begining with the position that God put humans here on earth in a paradise, in perfect health...when then did the need for an immune system arise?

    You are starting down a slippery slope- If God did not create a perfect man, then he couldn't have fallen from his sin and was never in or got kicked out of the perfect Garden of Eden. If man was always imperfect, then God doesn't have any need to send a Saviour to pay the price for his sin does he? Only the brave can pursue this subject to it's logical conclusion.

  • PopeOfEruke

    The 6th creative day ended when Eve was created. Therefore God NOT could have given them an immune system after they sinned because he had already put his feet up and was resting. Being a God is hard work you know!

    When did the animals receive their immune system? After they sinned? I guess the fruitflies sinned because they ate from the tree of knowledge same as Adam and Eve did.


  • praiseband

    I haven't done an in-depth biblical research, but I keep hearing from JW's that Adam and Eve were created "perfect". I haven't heard this in any other churches I have attended. I have read enough to agree that they were created sin-free, but obviously with the free will to choose to sin, but that does not necessarily equate to perfect. Have I missed Bible verses which say they were created perfect? And perfect could mean anything from behavior to physical and physiological functions, or emotionally or .... What do you mean by perfect and where is it in the Bible?

  • james_woods

    Hamsterbait - I have read this somewhere on a thread on this very board. It said the Catholic Church has taken a more liberalized view on literal creationism and now does not view Adam and Eve is an absolute literal, but as kind of a creation story-myth. I think it came from a thread I was posting back and forth on where I quoted out some research on Chinese Chronology vs. Time of Flood vs. Time of Adam's Creation. I also think I have it myself in a book on creationism. I will look for the book this weekend - maybe I can find it! Will post Monday whatever happens...

    Shining One - Here you misunderstand old James Woods:

    Uh James,

    You are 'chasing your own tail.' We barely have any real, provable, complete knowlege of any scientific observations as it is. You can ask, "What if, Why is this," and so on forever and ever, never getting anywhere. Each one of us are unique human beings and are obviously of greater design than any other creature.

    James Woods does chase tail (or at least, did so in the past). However, he does not chase his own tail. Such an action would be recursively repulsive. Now then, the thread poster asked for a serious answer - I was attempting to give one with a little humor, using the process of making points by asking questions of obvious absurdity.

    Witnesses believe that there was no animal or plant predative activity until after the flood. That is why the presence of obviously predatory charactics in those animals I mentioned lead to a dilemna. If God did not know that Adam would send, culminating in the flood and turning the earth into a predatory meat-eating circus, what were the fangs and claws and poison glands all about? And how did these things survive on grass?

    An analog of the poster of the thread's question - if Adam was perfect and intended to live forever, what was the immune system for? Did God know that he was going to sin and get susceptible to disease, and would need it later? This violates WTSociety doctrine - they believe that God held back the knowledge of Adam's sin from himself...so again, why the immune system...sort of a "just in case" situation, like fangs?

    Your answer is - Science is all just an manmade illusion, so don't worry about anything that doesn't make sense; just keep saying Jesus Christ over and over...

    My answer is - if it obviously doesn't make historical or scientific sense, then it must be something to be taken as an illustrative, non-literal story. The "garden of Eden" is the unprovable illusion, not the simple hard facts of scientific research. Many people are able to follow Christ if they wish without following such fantasy as a Lion eating literal straw or thinking that the creation was 7 days or 7000 years only.


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