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  • lovelylil

    The problems that I saw with the elders is the ones we had told their wives everything that was revealed during JC and then the wives shared the information with others in the hall. The other thing is the wives acted like "elderesses" and tried to dominate the other women in the cong. and the husbands let them get away with it.

    The PO's wife in one cong. I was in used to "correct" other peoples answers during the book study if she thought she could explain it better or they were wrong. She would start her comment by saying............no, its like this way........I used to stare at her with a look that said "What nerve?" but she never got the point. Lilly

  • Dismembered

    S4 you have a pm


  • Seeker4


    Got it, and now you do as well.


  • xjwms

    Not anymore......

    The ones that wanted me gone..............got their way.

    and I feel better about that.

  • Quandry

    No, no problems. I loved it when elders spent over two hours trying to force my teenage daughter to admit to fornication when she hadn't and no one had accused her of it.

    No problems when the father of another girl told us that the same elders wanted to examine samples of his fifteen year old daughter's panties.

    I loved it when they called my child a liar, made her read the scripture in Rev. that she was filth in God's eyes, and would burn in the fire with the devil and his angels, then df'd her, without explaining why to her or offering any counsel.

    I loved it when other elders then told us that we MUST forgive these men, because God forgives us. Mind you, they never appologized to my child.

    I loved it when later the C.O. told us that he'd write a letter to my daughter to "reach out to her" and then months later when asked where the letter was, he told us he "changed his mind and no longer thought it was a good idea."

    I loved it when they told us that we should "ACCEPT WHAT HAPPENED BECAUSE GOD HAD ALLOWED IT."

    Now they shun my husband and I also. But guess what? That part I have no problem with.

  • mama1119

    Its the faux power that got to me. It seems like they aren't real successful in the real world, and the only place they have power and admiration is at the Hall and they just eat that up, use it to boost there egos.

  • PopeOfEruke
    2. Incompetence is a common problem with the elders.

    and Incontinence is a problem with the Governing Body.


  • looking_glass

    No, I did not have a problem w/ the elder that showed up at my mother's house to encourage her after her mother died and she was deeply depressed. And when he found out that my JW grams took blood several months prior to her death, he told my mother that he wondered if my grams would be in the new system. Talk about power trip, why this guy thought that he could decide who is in the book of life is beyond me. I, of course, had some choice words for him. After which I showed him the door.

  • parakeet

    ***Now they shun my husband and I also. But guess what? That part I have no problem with.***
    You're right, Quandry. The only way to avoid problems with elders is to get away from them. The bunch in your cong were perverts! It's no wonder that the few elders that are decent men don't stay long in the org.

  • Balsam


    OMG checking teenage girls underwear, surely the parents did not go along with that. That is down right perverted those dirty old men. LOL LOL Sounds like something an Elder would have done that was in our congregation before he moved away. He was one twisted creepola.

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