Anyone else ever gone through feelings such as these?

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    Prozac has worked great for me in really low doses. Be very careful with St. John's Wort as some people have a bad reaction. I was on it for a while and it worked well at first but then after a couple of months I was even more anxious than before and was having thoughts of hurting myself. I was telling my brother what happened and he said he had the exact same reaction. We are not sure if it reacted that way due to other medications or if some people just cannot take it.

    You may want to ask your dr. if you are on other meds because St. John's wort is known to react with some meds. I wish you best of luck. Trying to pinpoint what is causing the attacks is the first step. Your regular md. can help you.

    Prozac works for me but some people have bad reactions. So, I don't want to recomend any drug. Lilly

  • FlyingHighNow

    I can tell you from experience that you are suffering from severe anxiety. It will always be the worst in the moments when you are in between sleep and awake. But awake enough to be aware.

    Do you live where there is ragweed blooming? It is blooming in many places in the country right now. I used to have horrible problems with anxiety and panic attacks, the two are different, and was treated for them like it was a mental illness. Then it dawned on me, after years, there was a pattern to when they were occurring. The worst were in the fall(ragweed pollen) and there were milder ones during the spring.

    Humidity and heat made them far worse. I finally figured out that allergies were causing mine. I suspect because of the timing of yours, pollen could be a culprit and the summer heat and/or humidity. I use homeopathics to treat mine and L-theanine (amino acid that calms) and other natural things.

    The homeopathics, I just bought three boxes of them tonight from GNC(Bio-Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief), I keep right by my bed. If I wake up panicking, I turn the thermostat down, drink some cold water, and take a homeopathic tablet. I continue to take the tablets every few minutes until the symptoms fade. I also take two L-theanine, the suntheanine kind immediately if the panic or anxiety is particularly frightening.

    Anxiety, which is not panic, will last all day and vary in degree. It will feel like impending doom and you will find you cannot watch certain movies or listen to certain music. I walked out of the movie Mars Attacks during a particularly bad bout of anxiety that lasted for four months. I had to get treatment from the doctor for it. I still get that type of anxiety if something is worrying me severely. This kind of anxiety will come through you like a wave and you'll feel very weak, even faint. I will try to treat mine naturally, I know a few things that help. But if it's severe or prolonged, I go to the doctor for help. No sense in suffering emotional pain if you don't have to. I don't recommend Prozac. It can cause sexual side effects. Zoloft works better for me. The problem is, different meds work for different people and then others don't.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Klonapin, which is a slow acting benzodiazapene, really helps acute anxiety and/or panic. I'd only recommend it for short term while awaiting prozac or zoloft or a similar drug to work. It can be habit forming. You have to treat it with respect and not go overboard with it and go off it gradually. My pharmacist says half your dose everytime you refill your Rx. It's slow, but painless way to stop any med for anxiety, even zoloft. For me, Zoloft worked from the first dose. Prozac tends to take a few weeks. One med they gave me never did work and I was put through unnecessary agony for weeks and weeks.

  • FlyingHighNow

    One more suggestion: do you play a musical instrument? I was taking guitar lessons during the worst bout of anxiety< with added panic attacks, I ever had. I found that if I played guitar, the panic would cease during. I was amazed. I practiced ALOT. I was suffering the impending doom, death fear type of anxiety at the time, too. It was so bad I had to summon my husband from work to rush me to the doctor. It was the next year I figured out the allergy/panic connection.

    If I am extremely worried about my kids or grandkids, I will get the general, most of the day, doom anxiety. I am pretty sure I get such severe anxiety from post traumatic stress from early childhood. It's happened to me my whole life.The panic however is allergy triggered.

  • WildHorses

    FHN, I could be wrong but I think everything around here has already gone through the blooming stage so I don't think it is allergies.

    What you said about certian movies or songs though I am going through. I couldn't watch that segment on JonBenet the other night on the news because I started to get these feelings of dread/doom/death so I changed the channel and yes, certian songs make me feel the same as well so I will turn the channel on them as well.

    I am going through alot of work related stress lately so maybe that is what is causing it? I know for sure that I WILL see my Dr. about it because I want these feelings to go away or at least be able to deal with them. I hate feeling this way and not being able to do anything about it.

    I don't think I want to go on Klonipin. I know someone who uses that and all they do is sleep.

  • WildHorses

    No, sad to say I never learned to play any instruments.

  • FlyingHighNow

    If you live in South Carolina, look around, I'm sure the ragweed should be blooming there. I lived north of Atlanta for years and it blooms all over the southeast. It starts in mid August and it can be a hundred miles away and still make you ill. If you have anxiety, it can make it much worse, the ragweed.

    On Klonapin, I took a very small dose and usually only at night. The person you know may take it through out the day and in too big a dose. I took the smallest pill and halved or quartered it. The .05 mg one. If I took a whole one, it made me woozy. The only time I ever took it as prescribed, was when my doc stopped the one anti depressant that didn't work and I had to tough it for a few days before I started the next one. I got leg jerks, so the on call doc told me to take klonapin in the prescribed dose and go to bed. That was .05 three times a day. I only did that for about three or four days.

    Tiny doses, starting at night shouldn't make you sleep all the time. It really helps better than almost anything for acute anxiety and panic. If you're in terror, it can be a godsend.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I think my prescribed klonapin dose was actually .50 or maybe even 1mg three times a day. I only took half the 1 mg at night usually and sometimes 1/4 of 1 mg. Klonapin is slow acting and stays in the bloodstream longer than valium, xanax or ativan. So it's generally helpful for longer periods than the others and less habit forming.

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    Hugs and warm and fuzzy thoughts for you.


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