Graduating Massage School

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  • darkuncle29

    Hey you peoples, I'm graduating Massage school tomorrow, and I take my national certification exam on Tuesday the 22nd.

    I'm going to get my liscenses and business/legal stuff all set up, and then take a much needed break for my health and sanity.

    I'm hoping to start off with outcall massage and some Spa/Wellness treatments, I've got a menu already prepared.

    I haven't been around much, so if you want to reach me, to say "Howdy" or "Whot?!?" here's my MySpace:

    Later, hugs

  • Odrade

    YAY!!! Congratulations! *muah* and hugzzzz!

  • darkuncle29

    Thanks, do you know anybody who does brain massage? I feel so permafried.

  • Odrade

    LOL @ permafried. I felt that way for months afterwards. Needed a break from it all. Had enough massage too, I think I spent the first 6 months hoping nobody would touch me. I've recovered from THAT now, but still ain't normal. ;)

  • Cady

    You rock!!!

    Congrats my friend.

    Hugs, Cady

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    Hey, I remember when you were first thinking of doing this! CONGRATULATIONS


  • Sparkplug

    Hey! You are so invited to our next apostafest...

    That is so awsome. I would love to do work like that.

  • serendipity

    Congrats, dark uncle!

    When I was finishing up my BS degree, I took classes 21 months straight. I understand permafried brain. I remedied that by doing some stuff I seldom got to do in that 21 months: retail therapy & reading lots of fluffy, mindless fiction.

  • lonelysheep



    It takes a lot of hard work to get through school, and you have my best wishes on your career!

  • darkuncle29

    Thanks everybody...permafried, that is kind of funny huh? I still feel like I'm decompressing from it all. Its not really over until I pass my national cert exam on Tueday...pray to Jehoober...eww! scratch that.

    I'll post when I pass. Hugs. Nate

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