The UN and the Society---the deciding factor

by The wanderer 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • TweetieBird

    This too was the nail on the coffin for me to thoroughly convince me that the creator was not using the WTS in any way, shape or form. Actually, it answered a lot of questions for me but that's another story.

    When I approached my mother-in-law about this, she said that it didn't matter if the society joined the UN. "Until Jehovah actually comes down from heaven and tells me that this is not his organization, I will follow and support it til I die." I couldn't believe my ears. Right then and there I could see that the organization had placed itself above even the creator.

  • Kenneson

    There are those who believe that one can support the goals (peace, brotherhood, etc.) of the U.N. without supporting its actions (armed peacekeeping forces like those now in Lebanon or those recommended for Darfur, Africa). While the Charter of the U.N. does make provision for force, they say this is not its goal. So, I suppose what they really mean is that they agree with the goals but that nothing should be done to attain them.

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