Active JW Apologists: Did you take the OATH at the Convention?

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  • kid-A

    I seriously doubt that the WTS merely views these as minor or insignificant rhetorical exercises.

    I completely agree Arthur. And moreso, the fact that these "resolutions" are adopted at large, District Conventions makes them even more serious to the R+F, as these

    really represent exercises in mass conformity and "group think", representing the latest "concerns" of the GB about threats to membership. I cannot recall any previous

    resolutions where such detailed and specific "commands" were spewed forth.

  • jstalin

    Loophole: This is a discussion board, not a chat room! Problem solved!

  • Arthur
    Loophole: This is a discussion board, not a chat room! Problem solved!

    LOL jstalin, you should have gone to law school.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    ...didn't attend Sunday afternoon to escape being part of it.

    Active JW-Non Apologist


  • kid-A

    However, I think it needs to be pointed out that no one was required to take an "oath". I was there.

    Gander, when a resolution is publicly read out to a group of individuals with extremely specific demands upon behaviour and or thought processes, and these individuals are then required to state "YES" in a loud voice, they have, for all intents and purposes adopted an "oath", agreeing to conform to the regulations of the resolution. I have no idea where your DC was, but having myself attended such conventions for 26 years, I can assure you, if it was not presented as a public oath within your specific district, this is the exception, not the rule. FYI, the quote of the oath on post 1 is a verbatim transcript of the DC resolution. It has not been "overstated" or "bent" in any way shape or form. Watchtower absurdity rarely requires embellishment.

  • TweetieBird

    Even as a believing dub, I always thought the resolutions and oath's were assinine.

  • LovesDubs

    If a GROUP passes on a resolution, and the resolution is adopted by the GROUP then the resolution is APPLICABLE to the entire group whether you personally were present for when it was read or not. Isnt that correct? When a vote is taken and the majority vote YES, then poo on you if you didnt vote yes. The "new rules" apply to you as well or you are shown the door and you can leave your Blood Card in the contribution box on the way out.

    So not going doesnt mitigate still being under the thumb of the new unenforceable as it is in the long run.

    I guess the next question would be how many of you voted YES so nobody would notice you NOT voting and, therefore...lied to Jehoovers face? If you did...then you are not in fear of Jehoover, you think the organization is bogus and their stupid Pharisaic rules and regs dont apply to you anyway, and hell you might as well leave. The only thing keeping you fear of man.

    A quandry aint it.

  • BluesBrother

    According to the quote, the resolve was to abstain from the spirit of the world, manifested by materialism, bad entertainment, over use of food or alcohol as well as the curiosity that leads one into Internet chat rooms . Rather broad is it not?

    Of course they resist the "Spirit of the world".I used to deliver the public talk outline on that subject. Nobody took any notice of that, and they won't take any notice of this , or remember what they said "Aye" to.

  • purplesofa

    I personally think more people from this board know more of what was said at the end of the convention in the way of a resolution than the witnesses themselves that agreed to it.

    I mean really..............who remembers it..........I would say anything to hurry and leave on the third day of a convention.

    Also, how come when there is a memo at work and they want everyone to sign it..........they keep the signed memo and we never get a copy.......I have quit doing that too. They have documented my signature on something that I dont even have a copy of.


  • KennyC

    Oh. And about these oath makers:

    Psalm 10 says:

    5 His ways keep prospering all the time.
    Your judicial decisions are high up out of his range;
    As for all those showing hostility to him, he puffs at them.

    6 He has said in his heart: “I shall not be made to totter;
    For generation after generation [I shall be] one who is in no calamity.”

    7 His mouth is full of oaths and of deceptions and of oppression.
    Under his tongue are trouble and what is hurtful.

    8 He sits in an ambush of settlements;
    From concealed places he will kill someone innocent.
    His eyes are on the lookout for someone unfortunate.

    Oath making is just another tactic of insecure deceptively wicked people . The truth is such a difficult thing for them when it steps on their toes, so they must find ways to control other people and make sure that those who know the truth about their deceptions are silenced, or at least ignored by the populace that they wish to control.

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