JW barred from making decisions for comatose wife

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    Maby hubby thinks oh no my wife the veg. Jah says I cant divorce her. But on the brighter side he could be an elder as his wife would be in subjection.

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    For church, it's in the blood
    UI The Daily Iowan (subscription), IA - 2 hours ago
    ... As Jehovah's Witnesses, husband Chris Nissen, who had been Tawnya Nissen's legal guardian while she was in a comatose state, had said he would not allow a ...

  • jgnat
    Still a scary story, common sense has won out this time. All ubm's should get their medical wishes in writing! Me included.

    Absolutely right-on, carla. My hubby and I have had many discussions on blood. How far will we go to honor our partner's wishes? To death? It goes without saying that I would want my husband to respect MY wishes that all attempts will be made to preserve my life, including taking a blood transfusion.

    As long as my husband were conscious, I'd respect his desire not to have blood. But if he weren't, I'd be hard-tempted to zip my lip and quietly allow the transfusion. To save his life.

    Would he be duplicitous enough to say "no blood" if I were unconscious?

    You are absolutely right, carla. UBM's should have an advance directive written up for themselves. http://familydoctor.org/003.xml Advance directives are more detailed than the no-blood card. With an advance directive, there should be no question on how the patient wants to be treated.

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    In the above news article, the Watchtower Society spokesperson was quick to point out two things:

    1. Blood fractions are allowed

    2. The decision is mostly religiously based.

    Gee, sounds like the BIG NEWS (Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Tranfusions, and the Tort of Misrepresentation) posted here has made an impact. The Society wants everyone to know that blood fractions are allowed. They are no longer "hiding" this important infomation. The fact that it's religiously motivated is also interesting. They do not want to make it sound like it's a medical decision - as they know their literature contains BIG LIES.


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    Does anyone know if this article is true or not? related thread on watchtower waffling

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    Man seeks to end guardianship for wife
    Cedar Rapids Gazette, United States - 6 hours ago ... of blood. The Nissens are Jehovah's Witnesses and the faith forbids blood transfusions, court records show. Reid's guardianship ...
    Man asks judge to end guardianship over comatose wife WHO-TV
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    Dateline Iowa
    DesMoinesRegister.com, IA - 5 minutes ago
    ... couple's religion prohibits the sharing of blood. The Nissens are Jehovah's Witnesses. Reid's guardianship was to end when Tawnya ...

    Husband seeks to end father-in-law's controlA Clinton man who refused to allow a blood transfusion for his comatose wife because of religious beliefs has asked a judge to terminate the guardianship given to the woman's father.
    Tawnya Nissen, 28, was hospitalized on Aug. 4 with neuroleptic malignant syndrome, a condition caused by a reaction to diet pills.

    Chris Nissen wants a Johnson County judge to end the "limited guardianship" given to his wife's father, Thomas Reid. Nissen also wants to move his wife from University Hospitals in Iowa City to a hospital in Davenport.

    Reid sought and won temporary guardianship over his daughter after her husband claimed the couple's religion prohibits the sharing of blood. The Nissens are Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Reid's guardianship was to end when Tawnya Nissen was "conscious and capable of making her own medical decisions." According to documents filed by Chris Nissen, his wife is no longer in a coma and on Monday told her husband, father and doctor that she wanted to move to Genesis Hospital in Davenport.
    A hearing will be held later on Nissen's request.

  • Beep,Beep

    The following was taken from the comment section from Judge sides with family in religious medical dispute

    Bob Corr wrote on August 17, 2006 3:27 PM : "The reality is this. Regardless of what ANY of us believe or don't believe, this woman's husband is most likely acting in accord with his wife's wishes. To have the courts get involved in a medical decision is FRIGHTENING! It is for this reason that EVERYONE should have a medical directive CLEARLY spelling out their wishes in the event that they become incapacitated. IF Mrs. Nissen had such documentation, the courts would never have gotten involved."

    What else will the court system take away from you?

  • DannyHaszard
    Husband renews effort to make medical decisions for his wife
    Mason City Globe Gazette, IA - 2 hours ago
    ... She entered a coma and physicians at the University of Iowa Hospitals honored health care decisions made by her husband, a Jehovah's Witness. ...

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