ex-Bethelites - How many people at Bethel were anointed?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I read an interesting question on one of my threads

    • How many people at Bethel were anointed?
    • How many of those were on the GB?
    • Can you estimate the percentage of people at Bethel who were anointed vs non-anointed?
  • daniel-p
  • Can you estimate the percentage of people at Bethel who were anointed vs non-anointed?
    My estimation would be about 5%. mostly older ones, in their 80's, and also mostly living at Wallkill and Patterson. I remember the locak Pinebush KH near Wallkill was almost completely elderly, and many of them were annointed. I couldn't imagine the percentage of annointed to non-annointed being more than 5%, since this would be more than 550 to 650 persons.
  • blondie

    As far as I know all of the GB are anointed are living at Bethel, Patterson I heard. The largest percentage of anointed are at Bethel too and in the US.

    In this area, the partakers are all born after 1935. That makes sense since anyone 18 or older in 1935 had to have been born in 1917 which is almost 90 years ago. That's why so many younger JWs (and ex-JWs) think the anointed have always been old, seemingly demented people. I have known anointed since I was younger around 8 or 9 that were in their 60's and 70's and no more demented than the average JW is.


  • What-A-Coincidence

    there was one 20 something who claimed he was of the annointed and was a wacky guy that became wac. j/k. no serious, but he left or was dismissed after a year or two

    A 30 something year old smart guy became annointed while in bethel.

    the 1st dude is straight wac. the second guy was very nice and "normal".

    Bethel is a freakin' mental institution

    yeah - and what danielP said

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    thanks daniel-p and blondie

    WaC My ex thought he was anointed for a while although he never partook at least not while I was with him.

  • jgnat

    ...and welcome to Sasha who asked such an interesting question first time out. And thank you to Lady Lee for taking care of her.

  • cabasilas

    I was an attendant for the Memorial celebration at the Brooklyn Heights Congregation in 1974 and we had 25 partakers. We were given instructions on how to get refills for the wine and bread, if needed. There were, of course, other congregations in the NYC area which had Bethelites who claimed to be anointed. Brooklyn Heights Congregation met inside the Bethel home so it had a lot of very elderly members who did not travel outside very much.

  • Sasha

    thanks, Lady for you're interest. Sort off got some answers about the annointed. However, I did post some study work I did myself at the Library. It seems among maybe 12 of the governing body, 3 the most are claiming to be "annointed" but that the president has the last word in publications. Also this book said that the way the brothers get on the governing body is how much stock they own in the society.

    Book was "The Enclyclopedia of Cults and New Religions" Very thick!

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Can I ask a question as an outsider?

    if the JWs believe that there are currently about 8,000+ 'anointed' living, and that the 'anointed' are the F&DS, why is there no procedure for WTBTS to consult the 'anointed' to ensure that WTBTS is getting updates from jehovah?

  • wozadummy


    I think you've hit it - so that's why there's still 8000+ annointed and the number does'nt go down

    When they get demented they get replaced......thank you for "the new light"

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