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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    I suggest you get the critical thinking booklet series from Work through some of the exercises together. Then your son will be able to see through your family's machinations, even if you can't supevise him 24/7.

    Excellent, jgnat!!! I have the whole set of booklets myself. It's wonderful "food for thought!"

    WW, in addition to talking about your feelings and thoughts on the subject with your son, it will be good for him to actually see that you're not alone in your thinking by means of showing him from reliable psychology sources on cult descriptions and behaviors.


  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    The tough part is getting "him" to believe that their wonky and a bunch of nuts. At 13 I didn't believe poop that my parents told me... I had to live it for myself. I'm certainly not saying let him be a JayHo, but I, myself, would be careful not to say "no" about it. He's got to see and more importantly feel the pain of the Dubs' Borg.

    Oh, I have no idea how to do the above I just gave my 2, well in this case, 1 cent worth based on the way I felt at his age. Let us know what you do as I'll be doing it in a couple of years with my crack-pot family.

    Keep Trucking and stay strong. Remember all the Dubs want to do is get him in then they'll drop him like a hot potato. You can win this fight!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Just tell it to him like it is. Look, you don't sugar coat playing in the street do you? Why sugar coat this? I've got two kids (6&2) and when the older one asks why my family doesn't do birthdays or Christmas I just tell them that there are good churches and bad churches. Unfortunately my family goes to a bad one that has really stupid beliefs.

  • JWdaughter


    I gotta say, having been raised in that group, that if I were you, I would use my parental perogative to

    1)Tell the JWs that the subject is NOT to be brought up to him

    2)He is NOT to go to meetings or in field service and

    3) That if they feel that is impossible, then they are welcome to visit him while you supervise.

    4)Because you shouldn't HAVE to explain all that mess to your son if he can't grasp it all and he sounds like he is so eager to please/placate them that he will do what it takes for that to happen.

    Don't give him up to that cult or its adherents. If they love him, they can refrain until he is an adult and still maintain a positive relationship with him. If not, they don't really love him, they just see him as a potential convert/study that is a captive audience.

    I know you will do what you know for your son is the wisest thing. This is what I had to do with my mom, or we would not be able to maintain a relationship.

  • wonderwoman

    We are going on a little date next week and plan on discussing some of these jw issues over thai food. He's still cool for now and thinks the jws are wierd to say the least. Just gotta keep it that way.

    As far as for the family, I am still finding the guts to tell them off. I had lunch wiht my df'd sister today and she told me our jw sis only sees and talks to me bcuz of my kids. Which I know is bullshit, just her excuse for not talking to df'd sis. Anyway,...the point will be a huge relief once I get the courage and the right words.

    Thanks for all the backup. You rock.

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