2006 Convention: Vow taken?

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  • kid-A

    Amazing how many active JWs are still posting and/or trolling in our little apostate kingdom! LOL

  • Finally-Free
    overindulgence in food and alcoholic beverages,

    That's right. Why buy that second donut at Tim Hortons when the money could be better used by the society? Child molestation court cases are expensive, ya know!


  • BritBoy
    "avoid overindulgence in food " About the only point I agree with. The rest is all kool aid. lol

    OH MY GOD.... How many on here know OBESE JW's?!!! Our PO was the size of a freaking house... as was our CO!!! I always thought about the whole Gluttony thing in the bible.... We also had elders who could drink for Jesus!

    Bunch of freaking hypocrits!!! They can kiss my gay arse!

  • mkr32208

    It's funny but I'll bet we pay more attention to this crap than 99.5% of all publishers...

  • M.Bibleres

    Well, for those who missed the resolution from DC2006 here I am presenting my audio track I made in Germany. Don't worry it's in english http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y299/par1914/Zeugen%20Jehovas/Videos/?action=view¤t=fe3493da.flv christian greetings M. Bibleres (Germany)

  • heathen

    UH it's not letting me in without a password . You probly need a different link M. Bibleres. They do seem to ignore the advice of do not be weighed down with over eating and over drinking . How the hell else you going to run to the hills ..............

  • jeeprube
    overindulgence in food and alcoholic beverages

    Half the JW's I grew up with were borderline alcoholics, and the other half are gluttons. Anybody ever hear about the beer bottle smashing station at Bethel? Apparently all alcohol bottles had to be collected and sent to a special room in the basement where they could be smashed prior to being put in the trash, can't have the NY trash workers thinking we're a bunch of alcoholics now can we?

  • tijkmo
    as was our CO!!!

    ha i think i know who that was..

    i remember having a conversation with my sis years ago...we were in fs and she said how c.o s lose weight when they go on circuit due to the constant moving, stress, etc, etc....

    wow i said think what size he must have been before he went on circuit

    i had to practically hold her up from laughing at the thought

  • M.Bibleres

    Actually I wanted to post the audio track of the resolution here. First I have to do some security settings because the link I wanted to post also allows access to other private contains. At the momént I don't know how to perform this.

    M. Bibleres

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