My JW sister is a Lesbian!!!!Yay!!!!!!

by aquagirl 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • aquagirl

    yep,thats the latest buzz making its way about..She and her 'friend' are both long time dubs,and both have kids and sisters friends daughter got df'd and then seduced my sisters son and he left his wife and small son to live w/and marry my sis is being counciled for her alledged "lesbianism"..oh,mighty karma!!!!blessed be thy name!!!!!sis was one of the first stone casters in my long descent out of the dubs..wish i could think of a way to help her w/hers...allah does indeed work in mysterious ways...thank you joey ramone..

  • LovesDubs

    Wow...Jerry Springer MUCH??? How did you hear the buzz? Or did you START that buzz you little vixen you...

    Maybe soon she will see what the view is like on the OTHER side of that Kingdoom Hall door eh?

  • aquagirl

    heard it from the wife of an elder and several dubs first hoping that along w.getting humbled a bit,she will also see what the 'big deal' about sex is.she used to say that she didnt like it at all{when we were still on speaking terms} and she couldnt understand the big deal..maybe she will get some fine actioin in and finaly realize that its a good thing..a very good thing...

  • jstalin

    I take it you don't speak with your sister? She needs someone to talk to right now, assuming the accusation is correct. Someone who's not going to judge her as evil or abnormal.

  • aquagirl

    I know,she needs someone who will not treat her as she treated here at the ready if she calls..since im not a christian,i can help her lovingly w/out prejudice..she and her ladyfriend are welcome to stay here in my guest cabin anytime.ill keep you posted on her progress out of the sticky mire..i am so pleased that she is realizing that she dosent have to believe everything that shes been told...

  • SPAZnik

    You seem to be making a lot of assumptions.

  • Bstndance
    oh,mighty karma!!!!blessed be thy name!!!!!

    Karma is always great. I came out when I was 16 and told some of my close friends at school. One of my friends told her mom. One day when I called her house, her mother answered and said, "You are never to call here again!!" and hung up. Her daughter is now not only a lesbian but a feminist activist.

  • MinisterAmos

    Sounds like a man needs to research this problem.

    I'll meet the two of them at a hotel to find out the truth, if they're cuties that is.

  • aquagirl

    yah,unfortunitly,since im df'd my sister has the right to ignore me in a room if need be..and she has,at my dads hospital bed a few months ago..wonder if she was listening to some kd lang on the way up there???lol....anyway,she wont talk to or aknowledge me at all,so all i {and anyone else for that matter},have heard are assumptions..unless they get some tapes or 3 eye witnesses..altho elders reproofing one is a bad sign i think...really tho,i think it would be a bold step on her part to suddenly at 50 something{she is much much older than me,heehee},get a spine ans make some decisions w/out consulting the watchbabble first..i dont mean to offend any of you all.i have no ill will towards any sexual orientation,its just interesting how the worm turns sometime....

  • aquagirl

    minister amos,you would run like a rabbit from the meeting at the hotel...i got ALL the looks(and breasts} in my

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