Cancer case in Missisippi

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  • truthsetsonefree

    I just picked up on CNN the case of Abraham Cherrix, a 16-year-old suffering from Hodgkin's disease, who has refused chemotherapy and radiation treatments ordered by his oncologist in favor of an herbal remedy prescribed by a Mexican clinic. I don't see any references on him being a JW. But it made me wonder. Has anyone else seen anything on this? I'm sure the Legal Department is watching this one even if he is not a JW.

  • wednesday

    i think this is the same one I have been following. no his parents are not jws, , the boy just got so sick after the chemo that he nearly died from it . the boy did not want to do another 'round' of chemo. the parents stood behind him. he sought alternate treatments. the judge first ruled he had to take the chemo but i believe it was reversed.

    I was followingt hat case closely for a while it was on all the cable news tv.

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