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  • Gregor

    Curiosity. What I'm getting at is - I would like to know more details of individuals who have been shooed out of Bethel, especially the older ones who know no other life, and how they are coping with it. What are their new congregations being asked to do by way of assistance? Food, clothing, medical, shelter? Maybe a job with a brothers janitorial service?

    I don't wish them any ill, I really feel empathy for them. But I think it will be very revealing to see just how much "love" the WTS is willing to show in a practical way for these people they don't need anymore.

    Anyone out there close to one of these cases?

  • serendipity
  • jgnat

    I think a lurking Bethelite is better off not revealing themselves here. Yet. Check for them on the board a year or so from now.

  • MinisterAmos

    Our congo has a thrown-out Bethel Pioneer couple in their mid 30's. Hubby just got a great job at Wal-Mart in the oil-change dept. so they will be moving into a garage apt. in the next few months.

    Seriously though someone is sponsoring them because they do have an auto at least.

    As far as supporting them nobody has asked not that I'd ever do it. I'd give to the Salvation Army before I gave to these losers especially after his crappy pre-service prayer last week.

    He concluded by asking God to quickly end this world using the rough ghetto slang equivalent of calling it (the world) a pig vomit dirtied and disgusting place (we are in a foreign language congo).

    I asked him after the meeting when we were outside to point out some evidence of this filthiness. We live in what is known as the "Redneck Riviera". It's a pretty nice and very expensive place. These stupid morons quickly shut up when you call them on their lies.

    I told him the next time he refers to my non-baptized, in-the-world child using those foul terms I would break his jaw. Losers. All Bethel did was take out the trash as far as I'm concerned.

  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    A neighboring congregation is being blessed with a pair who are being booted out of Bethel and they are Special Pioneers. They are going to live in the appartment attached to the kingdom hall which was previoulsy used by the circuit overseer during his visits to he surrounding halls.

    They will have free room and board. I asked if they were special pioneers at Bethel and I was told yes. I don't believe that there are special pioneers at bethel. They just became "special" when they lost their home in New York.

  • Dansk

    I was once contacted by a British Bethelite who came here. He pm'd me and said he had to be careful. I don't know his real name and he hasn't contacted me since (if he's reading this I'd like to know how he's doing). So, yes, they do lurk here.


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