Love? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Love! (8/15 WT)

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  • metatron

    The latest Watchtower magazine asks "Are We Living in The "Last Days"?. Now, given that the "last days" are supposed to be a time of

    suffering, horror and death, it might be refreshing to find a source of real love and kindness in the world. However, this article ( pg. 7)

    identifies "true worshipers" as people who "possess abundant knowledge" and "preach the good news worldwide".

    Oddly, nothing is said about love being the identifying mark of true worshipers. Perhaps this is lacking because Jesus is such a minor

    and often, perfunctory figure in Watchtower religion. On the other hand, perhaps this critical thought about love is forgotten because

    the organization is dominated by a cold hearted old man named Theodore.

    In either case, I find it notable that in recent years ( and compared to the Truth book!) Love is treated as an afterthought, a lesser

    priority than hawking magazines and knowing the latest false prophecy that the Watchtower comes up with! ( the two

    things mentioned in the article).

    With apologies to Treasure of the Sierra Madre , " Love?, We don't need no Stinkin' Love!"


  • truthsetsonefree

    JWs are full of love, for the organization that is. There is room for very little else.

  • SirNose586

    Nice observation! Maybe they know they can't BS the rank & file anymore, because the lack of love problem is growing worse?

  • vitty

    You dont need love , if you are being obedient !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its easier to do as you are told than to love ppl you dont like. How many times were we quoted that scripture about putting up with one another.

    It was because by obedience they can control the congregation, not by love. You MUST put up with that idiot brother, not out of love but if thats what it takes to be obedient and get through armageddon, so be it.

    Isnt that how we all thought ????????

  • Gill

    And we don't need to use our brains, either!!!!!

    And we don't need food supplied at long boring conventions.

    And we don't need no water, neither.

    And we don't need to go to the toilet cuz we ain't ad no food and water and we don't want to miss no spiritual BS!

    And we don't need plenty of money.

    And we don't need no pension, cuz we will never grow old.

    And we don't need no funeral plan cuz we ain't gonna die....not never.....(excepting all accidents of course, which ain't God's fault anyhow).

    And of course, we don't need no love, coz to av luv you need a heart.

    And if you had a heart you might feel compelled NOT TO do the bidding of the GB and shun the folk ya love.

    And if you followed your heart and had love, you might start using your own brain and stop doing that bidding of the GB and start thinkig a bit to much for anyone's liking.

    And then you might start wondering about all that spiritual BS being spouted and how every few years you get a four page pull out on how the spiritual BS has been 'New Lighted' and improved.

    And just might start thinking and get up and move you loved filled heart, and thought filled brain, out of JW land and start living!

  • willyloman
    Love is treated as an afterthought, a lesser priority than hawking magazines and knowing the latest false prophecy that the Watchtower comes up with!

    Love - and Jesus Christ - are the WTS' major "afterthoughts." The most basic comprehension of either is missing in dubdom. This is precisely why many have found the ecourage to bail out on a tightly knit social organzation, sometimes at great personal cost, and why many more will follow.

  • zeroday

    w50 1/15 p. 26 Who Will Share in the Final Witness? ***

    Jehovah’s visible organization can use you, but can get along without you too. But you cannot get along without it. Fruitless ones are eventually pruned off and never missed as new ones are grafted in. Oh yes, such LOVE...
  • Finally-Free

    Jehovah's Witnesses LOVE to be assholes.


  • minimus

    Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver???

  • BizzyBee
    Love - and Jesus Christ - are the WTS' major "afterthoughts."

    So true, willy. Both preclude the need for a world-wide publishing and distribution organization, so both are highly expendable commodities.

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