Is the D/F law the most identifying mark that the WTS is a cult?

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  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Every thing about the WTS identifies it as a cult: it seeks to isolate its members ("no part of this world"); it seeks to control its members and prevent them from seeking 'outside' help and instead admonishes them to devote more time to meetings and field service, hawking its literature "for a donation"; it uses propaganda and outright misrepresentation of medical facts to promote cult practices (refusal of blood transfusions; see attorney Kerry Louderback-Wood's article, "Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Transfusions And The Tort Of Misrepresentation" in the Journal Of Church And State, fall 2005, Baylor University Press); it even seeks to control its members' toilet habits. See this thread for more about that topic:

  • doublelifer

    Great know what has always baffled me? Why on earth would they go and "preach the good news" to strangers, welcome the newbies in..who were obviously worldly right? But then shun their own when trouble some of the same people out in field service preaching to strangers didn't even communicate with their own blood children!!!

    The JW's are 100% proof positive a cult in my mind.

  • Quandry


    I think young people being shunned is the most vicious thing. Here a young person, human, vulnerable, has made a bad choice. When a person is young they do not always make mature decisions. They can't look ahead, etc. Now, they have made a mistake. At a time when they need support and help the most, they are literally thrown away. Useless. Worthless. Unloved. Trash. How is this helping?

    Especially I feel bad for some like the young girl you mentioned. Perhaps she was just scared to death. Maybe she was shy and could not face the intimate, prying questions that some elders are known for. Perhaps she already was condemning herself.

    What if at this time a young person was told how valuable they were, how much their creator loved them, how Jesus died for them, and how they could overcome whatever they needed to with the help of those that loved them. If they did not want to change, I agree that some measure of censure would have to be meted out, but never total shunning by loved ones. AT SIXTEEN???

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