Comments You Will Not Hear at the 8-13-06 WT Study (YOUTHS CHOICE)

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  • atypical

    It amazes me that within three short paragraphs the writer goes from criticizing infant baptism and forced adult baptism to promoting forced teenage baptism.

  • V
    You young people are free to determine for yourselves where that people are to be found. (paragraph 18)

    This is a lie by the Society. Are JW youths "free" to attend other churches? Learn from other pastors, rabbis, yogis and imams? Will JW parents 'freely' allow their children this kind of objective exposure?

    Absolutely not.

    JW children are only taught limited information and biased propaganda about other religions. Because JW parents have decided that all other religion is false, the kids know only that.

    Also the entire premise of paragragh 18 is flawed:

    From 1513 B.C.E. to Pentecost 33 C.E., Jehovah had on earth an organized people whom he had chosen to practice his worship and be his witnesses. (Isaiah 43:12) Young Israelites were born into that nation. Since Pentecost, Jehovah has a new "nation" on earth, spiritual Israel, "a people for his name." (1 Peter 2:9, 10; Acts 15:14; Galatians 6:16) The apostle Paul states that Christ has cleansed for himself "a people peculiarly his own, zealous for fine works." (Titus 2:14) You young people are free to determine for yourselves where that people is to be found. Who today make up "the righteous nation that is keeping faithful conduct," living in harmony with Bible principles, acting as faithful Witnesses for Jehovah, and proclaiming his Kingdom as the only hope for humanity? (Isaiah 26:2-4) Look at the churches of Christendom and other religions, and compare their conduct with what the Bible requires of the true servants of God.

    This states as fact that Jehovah has an organisation. To the objective questioner (a JW youth) is this necessarily fact?

    Is it not be reasonable to question the entire premise of religion, the Bible, even God, in light of alternate views such as evolution?

    Yet the Society crams a questionable premise down the throats of their children and limits their knowledge. That is not being "free to determine for yourselves".


  • heathen

    Yet the Society crams a questionable premise down the throats of their children and limits their knowledge. That is not being "free to determine for yourselves".------------------------------------------------------ Yah that's real "freedom" for you there. They are only allowed to read WTBTS approved material and that's considered an informed decision? I don't think it's fair for parents to use threats or promises of material gain to get their children to join a cult . I wonder how much of those scriptures with Lydia and the jailer are tampered with because I don't think the apostles would have baptized children only mature people capable of serving in the ministry and prepared to face persecution and death over the faith . Makes more sense to me .....................

  • Sacchiel

    Hi Blondie, thanks for your comments.

    First of all, I found the public discourse laughably bad! I really mean it, comparing the organization to a hospital.

    The deception was evident. Hardly a mention of becoming a Christian, follower and disciple of Christ.

  • Mistah MOJO
    Mistah MOJO

    Blondie, you are one of the people here who are truly amazing in what you post. There are a handful of you here that I search for anything new that you've written. Thank you, and please keep enlightening us. MM

  • jgnat
    I asked the elders what I should do: encourage her to disobey her parents and study behind their back. 2 elders said yes, 1 said no and used some compelling scriptures as to why I should not interfere with the parents’ authority. That showed me that the elders did not agree and that their advice was useless.

    You are so right there. Where is the Bible, where is Jesus, where is the love?

  • oompa

    there has been some recent material in wt about baptism...and so i hunted for this wt...and found great comments on it by blondie.....and a great video by now i mark it for further mom btw...a great woman.....married to a great elder/dad....who is third gen who can not right now help himself for shunning my son. but my mom and jw son do not agree....and so he still gets love from them....and i am glad for and my boyz have gotten to spend quality guy time felt good.......oomps

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