Answer the door, PLEASE!

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  • TresHappy
  • truthsetsonefree

    Its amazing with these cults, there is a public face for the public and the reality which they work hard not to show. You see that in this article. And yet there are signs of just how strange this religion can be. For example, the JW quoted here says that his friendships with ex-JWs cool because they have left his best friend Jehovah. Strange that one abandons real human friendships for a one way relationship with an invisible being. There is also I believe a dishonesty inherent in the fact that a PO and his son, one of which holds a college degree are interviewed. This is not representative of the average JW now is it?

  • KW13

    ah, damn them - if they come here i'd gladly chat only thing is, mum and stepdad are jw's so i tend to miss out.

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