Like they really have a clue...

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  • Justice-One

    I was walking by the kitchen table this morning and looked down to see the book that the wife is studying in the book study. The title? - "What Does The Bible REALLY teach?" I just had to laugh. A better title would be "What Does The society REALLY teach?"

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101


    'What Does The society REALLY teach (that they want you to know while your studying)'

    CS 101

  • mama1119

    I think they need a book called "Young People Ask: When can I get out of this hell?"

  • LovesDubs

    Its the poor study who doesnt have a clue what slop they are being hand fed. And it is a very very CALCULATED study. If you look at the Live Forever book that most of us studied...well I did anyway...nothing at all is said about having to go to EVERY MEETING or GIVING UP ALL HOLIDAYS or GIVING UP WORLDLY FRIENDS and all that stuff until the veeeeeery end of it when you have committed sooo much time to this study already, hundreds of hours dedicated to what you THINK is a friendship with this kind person who comes to your house every week like clockwork...(who isnt telling you of course that they are using you for the TIME you spend to make themselves look good) and you are guilted into getting baptized. Even if you still have many questions hanging figure you are gonna get those answered "later."


  • fullofdoubtnow

    It should be "What we'd like you to believe the bible really teaches". I don't have much belief in the bible myself, not any more, but I know a lot of what they teach isn't in it. That's why they don't refer to it all that much in their indoctrination study books, and then usually out of context.

  • Arthur

    instead of Insight On the Scriptures : Propaganda On the Scriptures

    instead of The Bible God's Word or Man's: The Bible - It's God's Word

    instead of Mankind's Search For God: Mankind's Search For JWs

    instead of Revelation - It's Grand Climax Is At Hand: Revelation - More Revisions Are At Hand

    instead of Questions Young People Ask, Answers That Work: Questions Young People Ask, Answers That They Better Shut Up and Accept.

    On the Watchtower, instead of saying: "Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom", it should read: "Announcing Rutheford's Legacy"

  • Justice-One

    Revelation - It's Grand Climax Is At Hand: It's the only good one you'll ever have with JW approved sex.

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