Was it frowned on to plan vacation during the Circuit Overseers visit?

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  • Arthur

    I think that JWs view going on vacation during a C.O. as worse than commiting fornication.

  • blondie

    The biggest offenders were elders.

    1) Elders/MS who were hunters routinely missed the CO's visit to the extent that it became a ranting point during the Needs of the Circuit Part at the circuit assembly.

    2) Elders/MS/regular pioneers who scheduled cruises, prepaid vacations, etc., and would not re-schedule (or could not without losing money). Many of these visiting a neighboring congregation for their CO visit with elders/MS being allowed to sit in on that congregation's elders/MS meeting with the CO.

    3) Rank and file who had pre-planned honeymoons and just went to another congregation.

    4) But the rank and file who tried to do the same would have the elders counseling them on missing this special time.


  • stillajwexelder

    I once missed a Circuit Assembly due to a vacation - they changed the normal dates. Anyway, I was a bad boy in the eyes of the BOE and CO. Missing a CO vist weeks was strictly verbotten

  • Trippin2962

    "I think that JWs view going on vacation during a C.O. as worse than commiting fornication"

    Not to get off the subject but our last C.O left the "Truff" and committed fornication with a low-hour publisher (young woman in cong.) Then he later was found to have taken up with one of the brothers wives. She ended up leaving her JW husband and moving in with the wayward C.O. Needless to say it was shock to all as he was a very popular C.O. in the area. Guess he got tired of girding his loins, lol.

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