Planting seeds of doubt or helping someone break mind control

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  • thecarpenter

    helping someone break mind control

    How can you effectively help a witness break the watchtowers grip on their minds?

    As a layman, I would think that encouraging someone to examine the history of their beliefs would be one way but many people don't like to do research. (Note: this method probably worked for many on this forum) I noticed that with many women (I'm only generalizing here on a observation so please don't stone me), they seem to notice the lack of love first. I guess highlighting that fact can probably lead them to examine the religion more.

    What methods would you use to help someone out or at least motivate them to scrutinize the society more? and when would you back off?

  • Quandry

    Yes, Carpenter, you are very astute. Women do respond to the lack of love thing. Also, I think the hard line on shunning is going to take its toll on women. You really can't make some women shun their children so easily.

    I do, however, think the impact of the dates and flip flopping doctrine is hard for women to take. Talk about insecurity. One day you must believe this, then the next......

  • poodlehead

    I know with myself it took a long time before I would listen to anything negative about the organization. I was completetly brainwashed into believing that if I did, I was comitting the ultamate sin against Jehovah. So I was inactive for 8 years before I came to this site. And I still was looking over my shoulder, expecting to get zaped by God. What I found here has saved my life.

    Keep asking her questions like. "Would it be wrong for a JW to be involved politicaly? Well how about belonging to the U.N., what about that? Then why is the jw sociaty a member? Is it okay for them, but not there members?" Don't get angry and don't acuse just ask. Also showing her other organizations that have great love will make her see she is missing out. Maybe you could join some sort of NON religious help group and ask her to come. I know in our neiborhood a lot of people feed the homeless and it is run by the city, where people of all religions get together to help.

    It's a fine line to open her mind but not make her think you are trying to lead her away. Remember anyone who is not with Jehovah is part of Satans society in there minds. You preasure her, then she know Satan is doing it and she confirms she is working for God. It is a pain in the ass to try and bring someone away.

    Good luck

  • jwfacts

    There may be several other ways to open a girls heart.

    • If a person gets disfellowshipped there is a large chance they will not return because they get to see the truly evil way elders can act.
    • Asking questions like why the Watchtower God wants to kill 6 billion people. Each day the end does not come there is an additional 200,000 people the Watchtower God needs to destroy.
    • Discussing the children of JW parents that have had virtually no contact with their parents for decades simply because they were disfellowshipped as teenagers.
  • SirNose586

    Today I sent an email to a friend asking him what he thought about the '93 generation article on (see "Bait and Switch" topic). After his reply, I told him I would "really hate to find a topic where they switch back and forth on an issue." If he agrees, that could be a useful opening...

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