Corporate security in WTS land

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  • sinis

    Does anyone know if JW HQ sweeps the GB board room for RF signals (spy equipment)? I was thinking that most large corporations do ocassionally sweep the premises for bugging equipment, etc. I wonder how paranoid they get with the apostates? It would be great to sit across the street with a parabolic microphono or laser mic and listen to what the GB have to say, unless they conduct business within the Inner Sanctuary...

  • lost_light06

    Unfortunatly all you would probably hear is 4 old men snoring, 1 mumbling to himself and 7 others arguing over whether or not they should disfellowship a 43 year old man for doinking his wife in the pooter.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I left a few years ago. I can almost guarantee you that they did not. Thanks to this thread they might from now on.

    The walls of the 25 are pretty thick. The GB meet on the middle of the 10th floor.

    Send a GB member a gift and tell them that this would make a nice addition to the GB meeting room. And don't forget to Include a hidden transmitter.

    w-a-c- and outa control!

  • lost_light06

    One thing you won’t hear is the reading of any scriptures or an apology.

  • peggy

    lost_light06-----your first comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Very funny! Sad but funny!


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