A taste of their own medicine

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  • monkeyshine

    Recently I got married. Now my brother called me and said out of respect he was letting me know before hand that he would be there but not the reception. I said no way. I made it very clear that this was not cool. Yeah it was cool he was coming to the ceremony (I don't see how I've been trained so bad to think that my own brother coming to my wedding is a favor to me but you know how that is) but here is why that wasn't enough...

    Some background... I have seen this man be DF'd over and over. Not going into details but it wasn't anything little. ANY of the times. Now he's back there and judging me who was DF'd 12 years ago for fornication. EVERY single time he was out I was by his side. Keeping him company when witnesses would come over and he'd have to hide. Going to the movies covertly because he had no other freinds etc....

    Not only did he not come but he stopped my 17 year old neice from coming. She was crying and everything.

    Now the thing that gets me is I know that he is seeing some "worldly" woman (he's married to the kinda witness who you just hate. They have been married like 10 years and I have never gotten a hello. Nor has my wife, who was never a witness. Nobody is alowed over their house. Even the family members who are not DF'd) He's been seeing this lady for a while. But that's not my buisness. I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the attitude towards me. I was DF'd for the same thing he's doing now. But worse because with him it's adultery too!

    My point is I was trying to DF him from me. Cut HIM off. But I can't seem to do it. He is still my brother. If he was a serial killer, he'd still be my brother. Has anyone ever tried this and if so did it have any effect?

  • freetosee

    Being a jw and leading a double-life and unhappily married is punishment enough. He was d’fed before and knows what it’s like. It might happen again. Although his wife in entitled to know what is happening. Does he believe he is in the truth? What will he do if he finds out that you had him kicked out?

    “A taste of their own medicine” is not a bad idea, but he’s had much of that medicine already.

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