If someone says they worship Satan

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  • Auchmull

    I absolutely understand the distinction between Wicca and Satanism. I think that if someone worships "Satan" and understands Satan to be a really evil badass, they're asking for trouble. If you're talking horned god/fertility, you aren't talking evil/devil. I think that's the distinction -- what is the nature of that which you worship?

  • vomit

    I dont want to get off of frees topic vomit so if you want I can reply by pm?

    You can, but it wont changed my percived reality that there is no ghosts or majick. ha ha

  • free2beme
    I think that if someone worships "Satan" and understands Satan to be a really evil badass, they're asking for trouble.

    I think they are asking for a lot of attention too. I think it is sad that someone would choose to side with the Devil for attention, and when I watched the documentary on the founder of the Satanic movement. I found that he was really just angry with the Catholic faith and looking to make the ultimate anticatholic religion. He had issue with the Catholics, more so then the Christian faith itself. As characters go in the Bible though, I think Satan was more of the scapegoat to the Jehovah prankster.

  • Auchmull

    Speak of the...

    you know.

    Satan worshiper executed for triple murders

    Tuesday, August 8, 2006; Posted: 3:57 p.m. EDT (19:57 GMT)

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    LUCASVILLE, Ohio (AP) -- A man who said he worshipped Satan and enjoyed killing three people, stabbing and beating them and stomping on them with steel-toed boots, was executed Tuesday.

    Darrell Ferguson, 28, the youngest person put to death in Ohio since 1962, died by injection at 10:21 a.m. at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility.

    He had asked for the death penalty and chose not to pursue appeals, which could have delayed his execution for years.


  • free2beme

    Exactly, angry person looking to capitalize on the fame of being a Satan worshipper. Like they would have said anything, had he been a Christian.

  • Auchmull

    I don't even know what to say in the face of such - evil:

    At his sentencing, he taunted the victims' families, saying he worshipped Satan, enjoyed the killings, had no remorse, and, if released from prison, would pick up where he left off.

    It's times like that when the JW idea of killing all the wicked ones doesn't seem so bad.

  • monkeyshine

    You're right but this guy is JUST as bad if he worshipped Fred Flintstone. Too many people like him hide behind being a Satan worshiper and usually don't know a damn thing about it. (Other than stuff you can google in about 30 minutes) I've met people who were into Wicca and other related things and it's not what you think. I don't know too much on the subject but this killer is no representative for them. He's just crazy that's all.

  • Arthur

    Do any of you remember the show that Geraldo did on this subject when he had his talk show in NY? I remember he interviewed three Satanists. I remember that one of them summed up their belief in Satan worship quite succintly. He said that they view Satan as a made up character in the Old Testament. They worshipped Satan not as a real person, but as a concept.

    To them, Satan was an icon of that which is opposed to patriarchal, Judeo-Christian values. This was the basic tenet of their "religion"; the opposition of the Old Testament moral system; and pretty much everything else Biblical.

  • SirNose586

    I used to know a Satanist back in high school. She wasn't creepy or anything, just a condescending overachiever. Still a cool person though. She would try to read to me from the Satanic Verses, and I would be like, "NOOOOOO!! Get that evil away from me!!"

  • thepackage

    What ver makes you happy, just don't show up at me door with the "SatanTower".

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