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  • james_woods

    In the high school I went to, they did not really have a program to sit out assemblies in some supervised manner. Also, I doubt that you could effectively "pick and choose" to find which one might have a little religious holiday in it, or maybe some "pep rally" aspects just from the announcements.

    My folks just ignored assemblies but I was allowed to just ditch the whole program if I felt like it on conscience grounds.

    My conscience often told me to "ditch" these corny things.

    This must certainly be a whole other politically correct world from Oklahoma City in 1964 to 1967! I would not be surprised if "religious content" was not so effectively banned nowadays as to not really be an issue for even the strictest of JW kids.


  • BluesBrother

    In my day as Witness schoolchild I used to be excused School Assembly (This was many years ago, I might add)

    The Assembly at that time was a religious meeting, with hymns and prayers. I used to just slip n the back for any school announcements at the end... the half hour was useful for catching up undone homework.

    When I was last a dub, the congo used to maintain a rota of "sisters" who would go into the school and gibe the JW kids a daytext discussion when the assembly was on, so I guess it is still abstained by J W's.

    Of course if, in these multicultural times, it was not themed to a religion, it would be ok to attend, I suppose .

    But Dansk is right. do what YOU feel is right for your child, not to please those at the KH....

  • dobbie

    Hellrider - the reason i was asking is because i CAN'T see why they can't go to assemblies and wanted to know if any UK JWs could tell me why so i can be prepared when i get in trouble for my child going -SHAME ON YOU for saying that to me i thought this was a place to ask freely not to be made to feel bad the JWs are already going to be doing that to me soon and i don't need it here as well.Thanks to everyone else though.Must have PMT i suppose but there is no need to talk to me in that tone

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    If you're sending them to a church school then it will probably be the 'Christendom' content of the prayers and teaching.

    If a non-church school, a lot of their assemblies might fall into the 'interfaith' category as they are inclusive of all religions, eg they might pray to 'God' without specifying any name - which would be incompatible with praying to Jehovah. A way round that one might be to to say that as long as your child knows that Jehovah is the true God to whom they are praying, it doesn't really matter who all the other pupils/teachers think it is.

    ps (((dobbie))) - to help cheer you up

  • katiekitten

    I was never allowed into school assesmbly at either primary or secondary school.

    The UK national curriculum states that every school should have some religious content in their whole school gatherings. In practise this doesnt happen, and Ofsted usually complain that schools dont have any religious content.

    I wasnt allowed into assembly because they sang hymns. They dont normally sing hyms in comprehensive secondary schools these days, so you could make an argument for putting your kids into assembly. But they do tend to sing hymns and religious songs in assembly at primary school - so you would definately be in trouble if you let your kids do that.

    Its very lonely and isolating having to sit out of assembly. You never get the whole school messages, you miss important announcements, and you are identified as 'weird' on a daily basis. I hated it.

  • dobbie

    Thanks Sad emo for cheering me up!Yes it is a church school i didn't think of interfaith thing cos i went to that school and weren't any witnesses then.I just wanted to know why jws are going to say it's wrong when i don't see why - i personally think children should find out about all religions.I understand people get heated up here because of what they've experienced but trying to make others fell bad isn't the way to help others out of the religion i was ready not to post here again so thanks for your smilie and have a good day!

  • Hellrider


    From your first post, it sounded to me as if the elders had the final say in the matter. When my older brother was df`ed, my mother was in tears, because one of the elders had told her that she would now have to brak all contact with him. She was in tears, but I am pretty sure she was ready to comply with what he said. It wasn`t until another elder told her it was up to her own conscience, that she decided not to do it after all (he was her favorite, had it been me, I`m sure she would have). So I just can`t stand the attitude that when the elders says jump, then jump. To me, it sounded as if you were unsure about what the rules actually were, and that you were willing to follow the rules, and keep your child out of assemblies, RE, etc. It now looks as if I was wrong about that, and I therefore apologise.

  • dobbie

    Hellrider hi sorry if i was a bit ratty got everyone on my back at the moment.There is no way i'm going to jump when the elders tell me to, i want to put my children and family first before anything.Keeping them back from assemblies must make them stand out like a sore thumb from the other children, its unnecessary i cant see whats wrong with other activities after school either.Its stupid cos i want 2 look forward to my little one starting school but i know troubles gonna start as soon as the other parents report me. Oh well, at least it'll all be over and done with and we'll all be free of the rubbish that is the wts!

  • katiekitten
    Keeping them back from assemblies must make them stand out like a sore thumb from the other children

    Yes it does, im so glad you will be letting them go in.

    I had it done to me and I just couldnt imagine doing it to my own daughter now, deliberately isolating her and making her look like a freak for no reason at all.

  • stevenyc

    Yep, I wasn't permitted to attend morning assembly at school. One school I attended, ages 10 through 13, I was the only JDub kid. The school placed me, attended, in the school library. The library was situated on the main corridor to the room where assemblies were held. So, every morning for four years the entire school would walk passed me, identifying me as different. Just what a kid needs!


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