is any one going to sue wathtower?

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  • pallemar

    I have never been in Jehovas withness. but the hatred, they put on your heads, are absolutely not fair, actuly, you only think like the rest of us out side, Jehovas witness. the only different. is you know what the Wathtower really is.

    and can tell the rest of us, how it life really is inside Jehovas withness.
    ***BTW really thanks for that all, I'm sure it helps a lot off people!***

    I saw this really hatefull artikel, from the wathtower.
    (w04 15/2 s. 16-17 "be caful don't let them fool you"(translated from danish)so not the rigth titel, and it be in a different page in your magasine)
    and i started to wonder, is here not a case? a really good reson to sue the wathtower?
    by the low of "human rigth"? you may not put hatred on a special group of people?

    do any one know more about things like this?
    it woulde be cool, to stop this hatred somehow. by law:)

    Sign Palle
    your friend!

  • crazyblondeb

    Out of curiousity, why are you so interested in us? What is your story?? If you are not a JW, how do you know about what is in literture that is 2 yrs. old??

  • pallemar

    It all started then, my mother inter, Jehovas witness, she is deaf, and don't understant everything in this world, and i'm use to take care of her, aktuly, the hole famelie, use to take care of her, but suddenly,
    she started to lie to us, and we found out, she was beginning to read the wathtower. we told her what, they will never accept her as she really is, but only as the person, they coulde chage her to be.

    the Jehovas withness is know to ruin good famelies, so we woulde not like her to continue, with Jehovas witness. but she have never open the door for us, after what day. it is 550 kilometers(343miles i think) from there i live. so it is not a everyday thing to viset her:(
    and i have triet to viset her 14 times now, she is usely home, but don't open for anybody:(
    so one day i left her a letter telling her we first thouth she was dead, and we allmost told it to the police. but we found out, she in reality, was home and ewodet us, i hear she was starting to cry in the chitchen, i about to leave, but i could't. so i ring(ligth) the bell, for another 30mins, til she had stoppet crying. and i wendt home again.

    so i blame it all on Jehovas witness. so i started to find out, what Jehovas witness really is, and i started to help people out of Jehovas withness. helping with friends, love and care:)

    and i really feel good with what i'm doing :)ofcourse i miss my mother.

    sign Palle :)

  • earthtone

    Paige this sounds horrible. I hope you do not give up on your mother. And that you continue to try and see her. Hopefully Jehovah will soften her heart. God does not want to break families up. Maybe if you just try to let her know that you are not trying to stop her from serving God and that you just want to be apart of her life, she will relent. I know that part will be hard. But you need you mother and once you are back talking with her you can subtly point out the inconsistencies in the teachings. Be subtle though or you will just run her away from you again. I almost cried when I read this. I pray to God that this works out!

  • pallemar

    thanks earthtone but i can only send mails to her, and I will not lie to her about Jehovas withnes, and what they stand for. but i think you mean well, and for that thanks:)

  • vitty

    Hi palle

    You are in a very difficult suituation, did you know that the JWs target deaf people and they have special congregations, books and assemblies for them.

    If your mother is isolated from ordinary people because she is deaf, then they will have a real hold on her. Many witness are taught sign language and search for people who are deaf.

    Just keep telling her what you know , tell her you love her, thats all you can do

  • V

    The article referenced above is the Watchtower "Guard Against Deception", February 15, 2004 page 16-20.

  • pallemar

    thanks vitty :) i din't know, the deaf people, is a special target, i have seen they point out special places out in the bibel. there deaf people get healed:) well i have a good contakt to the deaf people in denmark:) and try to inform them as mush about Jehovas withness as i can. they diserve to learn the truf to :) V cool thanks :) Watchtower "Guard Against Deception", February 15, 2004 page 16-20 it is then. can any one post the artikel in english? it look very mean:( thanks V :)

  • Alpheta

    Hello Pallemar,

    I am very sorry about the situation involving your mother. You live far away from her, too, and that makes the situation even more difficult, because you cannot be there every day to try and see her and talk with her.

    I left my congregation in October, 2003, so I do not have a copy of the 2004 Watchtower article. If I had the article, I would get it to you somehow. I am new here, so I am not certain how to post things like copies of articles. I hope someone here will be able to post the English language article for you.

    I do not know what social agencies are in place in Denmark. If I were confronted with the same situation here where I live (in the state of Wisconsin USA), I would contact the local agency for elderly care, explain the situation to them, and ask if they can recommend assistance. I do not know if it would help, but it is a place to start.

  • free2beme

    Suing something or someone is saying they did something to you with a willingness to harm and I do not think the Witnesses did it with the intent to harm, they are just as ignorant I was when I was a Witness.

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