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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Ok, I"ve been injecting this stuff for a few days, (4) and my fasting B. Sugar has come down to about 186 from 389.... That's a start. I still haven't been to the gym, I still feel crappy. I have altered my diet and know that something good is happening to my body. I feel that feeling that I get when my body is in weight loss mode. There is a sense of awareness that something is changing.

    Side effects? Ok, nausea is here. It feels like reflux without the burning. THe food feels lodged in my throat. I eat an hour after injecting. It doesn't come on till after I eat, perhaps an hour later. Its true that you don't feel hungry. Part of that is because you dont want to add to that tight feeling you get when you eat. Gila monsters can go a year without eating. I wont last that long but I'm sure I could go a day or two. I have lost an appetite for food. Must be working.

    I'm still taking meds with it and they seem to contribute to its effectiveness. If I dont exercise soon I feel I will be wasting my money on the shots. IT cost 209.00 with needles. I bought it at COSTCO, ( huge werehouse store in the U.S.) It was cheapest there.

    I thought that injecting would be painful. In fact, it is the pricking of the finger to draw blood for the monitor that is the most painful. I can see where these needles make it easy to do insulin and such.

    If you have any questions, PM me and I'll answer them. I know I'm going to lose weight on this stuff. I'll keep you posted.

    Eat well and watch your stress level


  • What-A-Coincidence

    derived from Gila monster's saliva?


  • confusedjw

    Sorry you have to take anything at all. I know the whole process is a pain. Hang in there.

  • foundfreedom

    Yes I have the same kind of side affects. I try to eat right after I take it that way I dont seem to feel as sick. You also have to watch what you eat, foods that are greasy seem to cause me to feel sicker after I use the pen. Are you on the 5 or the 10? I took the 5 for the first month and then started on the 10 which seems to make my stomach even more sinsitive.

    Hope all goes well for you on it, because it does really help.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    I'm on the 5. The lowest I've gotten is 186. No fasting has been below 198 and that was only once. I'm not eating like a pig and am being careful. I think I'll have to go to the 10 at the end of the month. It is lowering the numbers but its only been since last friday so I think I should give it some time. Did it take long for your numbers to get lower?

    I was told to eat an hour after taking the injections. I've read that others eat right after. Which is it? I can handle the nausea ok, but I hate trying to time everything just right. I'll make do.

    Thanks for you comments.


  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I found out I had type 2 at my last physical. The doc put me on glyburide and metformin. I was telling an uncle about my diagnosis and he started yelling at me, "You go get a god damned pedometer and work yourself up to 10,000 steps!" So I did. It took a few weeks to get there but I do 10,000 steps most days. I dusted off my weights also and started lifting 3x per week starting very light and adding just a bit every couple of weeks. My numbers dropped from the high 200's in December to normal after about 2 months. Nutrition (I hate the word diet) is now a big factor in my life although I do slip on occasion. Good luck with the byetta. I had not heard about it until I read your thread. Thanks for the info and let me know how its working for you.

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