Is there just ONE God?

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  • Agent Socrates
    Agent Socrates

    Considering that the Universe appears to be infinite, do you believe that there is just ONE God?

  • carla

    From a jw point of view I wouldn't know, they seem to have to distinguish jehovah God from Bob God, Jim God and Harry God. Biblically, if God made everything would He make another God?

  • james_woods

    Aside from the unanswerable aspects of this - look at what the WTS (and to some degree the bible) say about it:

    Both WTS and early Judaism were, IMHO, a sort of multi-theistic pantheon in theological terms. OT always gave me the feeling that there were lots of "real" Gods, but that Jews were only supposed to worship Jehovah, on pain of death. It doesn't really say - those other Gods are phony; rather it seems to say they are disgusting and not to worship them.

    At the very least, WT (as it denies the expedience of the Trinity) holds forth an independent triad of Jehovah, Jesus, and whatever they think the Logos or Holy Spirit was. Not to mention Archangel Michael, Satan, and other minor players.

    Kind of makes one wonder, doesn't it?

  • Elsewhere

    I have an Encyclopedia of 10,000 Deities. Trust me, there are more than one.

    Every god is created in the image of the one who worships it.

  • DannyBloem

    just one?

    maybe the question needs to be refrased:

    Can there realy be at least one God?

  • LittleToe

    May I quote Highlander?

    "There can be only one!"

  • Highlander

    Hey that's my line!

  • LittleToe



  • Brigid
    Every god is created in the image of the one who worships it.

    Elsewhere, very true! I would only add the caveat that it works vice versa as well; kind of a symbiosis of Being. Ultimately, I do believe there is only one force from which all emanates. However, so real, so powerful and so unique are all these emanations when manifest in the "god" persona, that they are gods/goddesses (as surely as I exist, there is a feminine aspect to this One).

    I must agree with James_Woods, there is very much a polytheistic bend within Judaism. Interestingly, I learned from the Rabbi's I studied with that the reason that in the Torah (OT) that god is often mentioned as "the god of Abraham, the god of Isaac, the god of Jacob" is that this individual Being manifest "Him"self in so many different and unique ways that "He" was a different god to each individual.

    The god of Abraham, when one reads it, seems to be a very different animal from the One who manifests to Jacob, for example.


  • JamesThomas

    Why would the true Source and Sustenance of an infinite universe, be less than Infinite? Why subtract or separate the Source of existence, from all existence? Infinity, incorporates everything. Only the limited gods of our mind are so tiny as to be absent.


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