The REAL REASON JW's refuse blood

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  • chuckie77
  • chuckie77

    That above empty box was meant to say...

    Sorry to be a bit naive, but has the ruling on blood changed recently that they can now receive fractions of blood, or has it always been that way?

    Maybe I should have listened at times in the meetings?!

  • DannyHaszard
  • DannyHaszard
  • chuckie77

    Danny, are you taking the piss? Or just trying to get your posting numbers up? LOL

  • TD

    Sorry to be a bit naive, but has the ruling on blood changed recently that they can now receive fractions of blood, or has it always been that way?

    Fractions have been allowed for years under several different rationales. Each of these rationales has produced slightly different divisions between the "Allowed" and the "Forbidden" category.

    The first rationale (c. 1958) divided blood components on the basis of whether they allegedly "nourished" the body or not. This was simply an extension of the orginal misconception that started this whole mess. (i.e. That the body consumes blood as food.) Since no part of blood directly "nourishes" the body, this rationale, if taken to its logical conclusion would have brought down the whole doctrine.

    The second rationale (c. 1982) divided blood components on the basis of their percentage of the whole. On this basis, components were considered as either "major" or "minor."

    The third rationale (c. 1990) divided blood components on the basis or transference across the placenta during gestation. Those that were (at the time) known to cross from mother to fetus were allowed.

    The fourth rationale (c. 2000) adopted blood banking terminology as the litmus test. Components were classified as either "Primary" (Components separated by centrifuge) or "Secondary." (Components separated from "Primary components".)

    This fourth rationale therefore forbids:

    Whole Erythrocytes

    Whole Leukocytes

    Whole Thrombocytes

    Whole Plasma

    Everything else is a matter of conscience

  • SPAZnik

    So now it's abstain from blood except thru a strainer?
    Camels and gnats.
    And wash up to your elbows while you're at it!
    Ode to ridiculi.

  • SPAZnik

    I thought this thread was going to say the really real reason iz cuz theyz afraid the blood donor tester people would find out "Jehovah's Clean People" just ain't. I mean, whut with all the scuzzy pedogoofs diddling their fringe.

    Or maybe a fear of the government doing to them what they do to their rank and file documenting, judging and controlling.

  • Anitar

    Ok everybody, get this. I recently discussed this subject with my JW mother. I'll repeat it here, so hopefully you can make some sense of it:

    ME: Mom, do you believe, or are you taught that the Bible should be taken literally, word for word?

    MOM: That's the only way you can possibly understand it.

    ME: Ok, so unless the Bible doesn't specifically say to do something, you just won't do it?

    MOM: (pretending to think) I'm not sure what you mean.

    ME: You are not allowed to have a blood transfusion, right?

    MOM: Of course not. But I only know that because I have a bible trained conscience.

    ME:(giggling) Of course you do. That comes from the book of Matthew, right?

    MOM: Yes. (she then reads the scripture) There it is.

    ME: But that doesn't say not to have a transfusion, it simply says to abstain from injesting blood. If you get a transfusion, do you equate that with drinking blood?

    MOM:(voice changing to sound noble, as if she's imagining God himself) You see, The Brothers, The Faithful And Discreet Slave went back to the original Greek and Hebrew Texts to make a literal translation, not a version that you see on so many bibles today.

    ME: So let me get this straight. A group of men, that you don't even know their names, who you will never meet or even talk to, read the bible for you. Then form their own interpretation for you to obey without question.

    MOM:(shaking her head, filled with pity for me) I know it looks that way to you. That's what I thought at first. But only after studying in the Truth can you come to see what God really wants of us.

    ME: Spoken like a true brainwashed drone. How about I get a scripture myself? (randomly flip to scripture). Ok. Here it says right before Moses came to Egypt, "Moses tied his ass to a tree and walked ten miles." What exactly does that mean?

    MOM: Don't be stupid. They're talking about his donkey.

    ME: How do you know that? Did someone tell you that, because if you take that literally, which you are taught is the only way to take it, it means just what it says. So there are two possibilities. Either God assumes we just know that ass means donkey, or Moses had a very elastic rope.


    ME: Well, what about at the Last Supper? Jesus broke bread, blessed it, and said "this is my body and my blood, which will be shed for you and for all so that sins may be forgiven." If I take that literally, going by your own rules, Jesus's deciples drank his blood right then and there. So what is right and what is wrong?

    MOM: I don't have time for this. All I know is that all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. What about your religion? You must have un-answered questions of your own?

    ME: Maybe, but I'd rather have questions that can't be answered as opposed to answers that can't be questioned.

    MOM: I don't know what that means.

    ME: I wouldn't expect you to mom.

    So what do you all think? Did I ask the right questions? Do you think she's completely bonkers? Most importantly, did you like my donkey joke?


  • beautifulisfree

    Thanks for the article!! I thought it made alot of sense....So, e-mailed the link to my stilla witness sister....aahh she didn't like it

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