A question for all those who were a witness in NY........................

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  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I haven't lived there in a while, but I grew up there and left in early adulthood, but from what I remember, the bethelites were looked upon as really spiritual people, they enjoyed special priviledges like money handouts and dinner invites and back then every girls goal including mine was landing a bethelite for a husband (they make the best husbands you know , so spiritually minded and all ). My freinds and I were pretty popular with the Bethel guys we got envited to many parties in their rooms, and yes beer was usually available, it was alot of fun. I never hooked a bethelite cause you usually had to be a regular pioneer before they would consider you as date material and I had a job in manhattan that I was not leaving, although I wasted my time doing auxiliary a couple of times a year. WHAT CRAP! Back then you would go out on service and it was exiting people would open their doors and listen to what you had to say, I used to place so many magazines and had studies and return visits galore, we would be out there come rain or shine, even in the snow, wrapped up like eskimos, I won't lie we had good times, since we really believed in what we were doing I never fudged my time back then.

    NOW, things have changed considerably, that zeal people had is pretty much gone, my freind from NY who is a regular pioneer told me that service there has changed so much, people don't want to listen to you any more, very few even take the publications, she said it was really depressing , I feel sorry for her, she is completely devoted to this religion, and her husband is an elder/regular pioneer/and works full time and has done that for many years, they have wasted so much of their lives on this CRAP, when and if they figure it out, I fear she might jump off a building or something, as she has emotional problems.

    Yes indeed times have changed, I'm just glad most of my family and I are free from this GARBAGE!!!


  • Soledad

    I would agree with IC in that the level of activity has decreased markedly, say in the last 10 years or so.

    The other day I spotted a couple doing street work in front of BBQ on W 23rd street. I looked straight at them and even glanced at their magazines for a couple of seconds. It was like I was trying to say to them "come talk to me" but neither one even looked up at me. Years ago they would have walked right up to me or followed me and tried to have placed those magazines. I notice that only recent JWs (as in recent immigrants) are more audacious in this regard.

    It's also ironic where they happened to be standing-----that BBQ is a known meetup place for exJWs!! I should have invited them to one of OUR meetings!!

    As far as the average JWs view on Brooklyn, I would say yes, in my congregation at least Brooklyn was viewed like the Vatican. Bethelites were always present in our congregation and people would fall all over themselves. The one time we visited Brooklyn it was a huge pilgrimage, and people wore their best clothes, new shoes and bags, the works. But it was like that also for the memorial, DAs and CAs, etc.

  • MikeMusto

    i still live in brooklyn.. nobody really cares to hear the latest bethel news.. bethelites are not specially treated anymore.. bethel is not a big thing.....not as it once was.. life is just to hard in nyc .......but i wouldnt move anywhere else for all the money in the world...theres no other place like it

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