Teaching a Toddler to Reason...

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  • freedomlover

    Nice points here!

  • mama1119

    this is a great post, very informative. I have a very bright 3 year old and this is great for her!!

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    sorry.....hit the enter key too many times.

    nice points though.

    hubby is the story teller with the kids. he has always had this great game of making up adventures with them in stories before bed. usually they are totally off the wall and the kids add there comments so that they can help direct which way they want the adventure to go. our oldest daughter has taken those stories and made her own books by writing the stories down with pics and everything. it's really great.

    we try to let our kids explore all kinds of mediums. different classes and art forms, imaginative play and lots of exploring outdoors. I want my girls to have confidence to stand up to the bulls**tters of the world! confidence in myself was what I was lacking and a big part of the reason I bought into the JW world. another game we've started playing and it's opened up worlds to them is called "the thankful game." before bed we take turns naming 3, and only 3 things, we are thankful for that day. it can be big or little things - it's the point of recollecting them and acknowledging them that is important. I enjoy the game as much as them. It has kind of become our form of "prayer" before bed.

    can't wait to read your book one day jgnat.

  • Mamacat

    Great ideas here, jgnat!

    Limbogirl...I am the same way with my sons. If one of them shows an interest in something, I made sure to indulge it. My almost 5 year old loves trains...and The Little Engine that Could is one of his absolute favorite books too. We have went on train rides, to train musuems, to a few historical society buildings just to look at the old photos of trains, etc. I never would have thought to seek out these places on my own, but I want to make him happy. My parents weren't the indulging type...they chose everything that we did and I had no say. I meet moms all the time that can't imagine spending even $10 on something that their kids will like but the parents don't think they will enjoy. But I say that if it costs $10 or whatever for my kids to have a memory that will last their whole life, it is definitely worth it to them. And, hey, even I thought it was cool to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine. lol

    I encourage my boys to talk to people we meet and ask questions if they have them. I remember being scared of "worldly people" too, and I won't have them grow up terrified to speak to new people and make new friends.

    While sometimes, we listen to music in the car, more and more, we just talk and play games. Sometimes it is hard to get them all to sit down at the house to have a good conversation with all their different activities and schedules, but in the car, they are much more willing to listen and participate. I love when they are all laughing and talking among themselves...I don't remember much laughter and joy in my house as a kid.

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