Does anyone have FIRST KM Song Number for July 24...and July 31? Thanks!!!

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  • AudeSapere
    highlander wrote: btw, I felt I could ask about the j-dub dating site, cuz I think I still have a profile up in one of those. I signed up years ago so that I could meet more j-dubs.

    ...and did you??


  • lola28

    Hey now don't steal my idea! I'm actually thinking about starting said website, I'm just such a lazy bum.


  • looking_glass

    Last year when I went to visit family, I spent some time w/ my best friend's mom. She is an active JW and is pretty easy going when it comes to the religion. Well we had a bit to drink and she signed me up, my profile was pretty frik'n funny. I could not remember my user name or pass word, but last week, we figured it out and signed back in. Even though I did not have a picture posted, I did get responses .... now keep in mind I am 36, there was NOT one guy who responded that was under 45. Not one guy who was not already married and had kids and was "free to get remarried because they got divorced on scriptural grounds". Many all of them had children that lived at home. Guess what all those guys said they were looking for a wife that fulfills the scripture in Prov. (I think it was proverbs, not psalms??? but now I cannot remember which one it is .... anyways)

    So are you wondering if I responded to them. Yes, I said that I was not interested for the following reasons: 1) they are clearly unable to read as I said I did not want anyone MORE then 10 years older than me; 2) again, clearly they could not read, as I said NO ONE WITH KIDS; 3) I want a man who is willing to love me like christ loved the congregation and I find it hard to believe that [you] would be able to fulfill that scriptural command; and 4) I am an intelligent woman which is a big threat to any man who claims to be a JW. Then I sent JWmatch an e-mail telling them to remove my post. The end.

    However, I did look up people who I may know and there was one guy there. He has been married 3 times already and DF'd on numerous occasions. On top of that all, he claims to be of the anointed and is very self righteous. If that does not tell you what types are on that site, I don't know what does. Yikes!

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