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  • mama1119

    This morning we had a fleet of JW in the neighborhood and they came a knockin...my husband answered the door, (as they would have recognized me..he is "wordly"). We used some of the tips off of the "How to get rid of a JW thread" He kept asking them if they were with the Jehovahs and if they were a Jehovah, they kept correcting him bless their souls and he kept doing it. Then, when they tried to place the mags he said, "first can I get your address?" She said "why", he said "So I may come to your house one morning and push my religous beliefs on you." She responded with something about respect and he said why dont you respect us by not knocking on our door in the morning". Then asked to be taken off their list...another thing that irritates them!!!!

  • forsharry

    oh that's a beautiful thing... :)
    thanks for sharing! I needed the smile :)

  • Swamboozled
    "first can I get your address?" She said "why", he said "So I may come to your house one morning and push my religous beliefs on you."

    Very funny! Good for him!!!

  • headmath

    Now I can understand why some of the people who answered the door (yes I was guilty of flogging the mags too) were mad at me. Hehehehe - memories ... those sweet memories.

    Actually that is a very good - "what is YOUR address" . I bet that makes the dubs cringe and want to make a hurried escape the nearest Tim Hortons. Not only that, the witnesses were not alowed to preach about armagedon thus sparing the life of the householder.

    Here is another thing one can do with witnessess at the door. Since they are on your property you have the right to give the witnessess apostate literature. When they refuse your literature, just say that you cannot accept the watchtower mags because you consider them apostate literature. The witnesses should make a hasty retreat after that As they leave your doorstep say the governing body are apostate too, that should make them run.

  • heathen

    They'd probly give you a false addy anyway or perhaps the KH addy . Remember it's OK to lie to opposers ....... Theocratic war strategy . It must be OK to lie to everybody else as long as you call it light of some kind .....................

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Good for him, I'll bet they won't be round again.

  • Jim_TX
    he said, "first can I get your address?" She said "why", he said "So I may come to your house one morning and push my religous beliefs on you."

    I like this. I also liked that he asked to be taken 'off their list'. That involves more paperwork for them - which is a pain (if they truely put down the address).

    Thumbs up on his 'rejecting' their 'witness'.

    I think that if more people did this - and ceased being 'nice' or 'polite' or 'tolerant' of their preaching - they might get the hint and go away. (Or chalk it up to 'persecution'.)


    Jim TX

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    I've already got my plan for when they come to my door.

    '' Oh! You are the people that shun members when they do something against the rules right? Yeah, my best friend was a dub and when her mother found out that she was dating someone outside your religion, she kicked her out in the middle of the night with no where to go. Luckily, her UNBELIEVING boyfriend and family welcomed her with open arms. Her family still doesn't talk to her and it's been almost 2 years. I don't think I'd like to be involved in a religion that treats people like that. K, bye!''

    ~luv, jojo

  • Mrs.Congeniality

    Hey do you know who it was cause if you do you can look up her address and your hubby can go to her house sat evening and try to push some religion on her. She would freak out thinking he is psycho and be afraid he was stalking her. That would be great. One less preacher out there. She probably would never go out again.

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