Do we need to experience the bad to know the good??

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  • Twitch

    Not necessarily but i think it's subjective.

    For instance, the idea of "bad associations spoil useful habits" once believed and applied to the outside world in general became modified and more selective once personal experiance taught self that it applies to some but not all. No way to tell unless self went there.

    On the other hand, I didn't need to smoke crack to know it's bad for me; the evidence was all around me at the time.

  • katiekitten

    I agree, I think you can appreciate good things without bad things.

    For instance I dont need to go and look at an ugly person to appreciate that your avatar is HOT Lowden.

  • lowden

    Katie Kitten, ta very much chuck!! I like your sense of humour, in general that isAhem!

    I like your answers people. I also agree that we need knowledge of the darkness but how deep that knowledge is, happens to be of great importance. Stating the bleedin' obvious maybe but what i'm saying is that the world doesn't need evil, depravity and the like. Some believe we need that crap in the world but people don't need to die horrible violent deaths, or be subject to some other horror for me to appreciate my good lot in life.

    I once had a guy say to me that there was no such thing as good and evil. WTF??

    What is good and what is evil?

    We as humans have set those standards largely based upon something we feel in our guts, something inside generally moves us to know what is right and wrong. True it is also sometimes based upon certain areas of our upbringing or what part of the earth we were raised in but (i'm gonna go all spiritual on ya here) i really think that we of the human race are beings of love and light and we do not need to experience bad to know the dark side exists.

    Thanks for your answers.



  • Satanus

    Sometimes, two people can be in the same situation, one sees it as bad, the other doesn't put that label on it. 'Course, some things are undeniably bad. My point is, that a lot of it is in the viewpoint of the person, based on the nature of that person. Some people appreciate every day and see only the positive things. Some see only negatives.


  • Mistah MOJO
    Mistah MOJO

    No. I don't need to read about or see children being kidnapped, beaten, tortured, raped, sodomized, stabbed, strangled, and dismembered in order to appreciate the good. I don't need millions of starving children to appreciate how well off I am. The fact that you ask this questions reveals you are thinking in highly abastract "clinical" terms and not in concrete terms. The question is easily answered by moving from the abstract to the concrete.

  • katiekitten
    ta very much chuck

    Crumbs I havent been called chuck since... since I left the wasted north of England many moons ago and moved to where there are jobs and off licences that take plastic!

  • lowden

    Wasted North of England Katie? The whole of it's wasted....chuck!

    There are good bits though.


  • katiekitten

    Yes but we really NEED the North to be a bag o'shite so that we can appreciate just how lovely the rest of England is...

    ...Oh I forgot, were argueing AGAINST that one arent we.

    To be honest, im just agreeing with anything you say now, Lovely Lowden...

    KK of the 'wistful sighing' class

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    interesting posts

    I think too often we tend to take the good for granted. We have expectations of life and the people in our lives. When things are going smoothly we can sit back and relax but I think sometimes we get too busy with life to sit back and really appreciate what is in front of us.

    When we hear of or experience those bad times I think we become more aware of the good things we have or that we missed.

    Then we decide to become more conscious of the good things in our lives - until we fall back into the busy-ness.

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    we discover something attract us and make us want more, some things repell us and make us flee and many things fall somewhere inbetween... cataloguing them as good and evil or bad, etc is fairly arbitrary and totally subjective... example many like beer, but few liked it when they first tasted it.

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