A Testimony of Filth?

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  • Arthur
    The organization (as well as other orgs) has to set guildlines regarding morality for their followers and those followers try to adhere to the best of their ability.

    There is no problem with this as long as that organization is honest in admitting that many of it's decrees are the opinions of men instead of claiming that they are Biblically based. When an organization attempts to enforce countless rules that have no scriptural precedent (while claiming that they do), this is a big problem. Many organizations do indeed have elaborate rules and guidelines; which they have every right to enforce. But, to make up countless trivial rules from one's own personal opinions, and then to claim that it has scriptural precedent is disengenuous at best.

  • saki2fifty

    I'd say its been a year since certain things were revealed to me by my dad. We were all strong at once, but he just went Lutheran for the reasons above. Even during that year, I didn't want to hear it. Then just recently a friend decided to leave the org. due to being disfellowshipped for about a year (relatively recent i guess), and I learned of the new disfellowshipping phrase. So I finally googled it a few nights ago, and this site popped up. The initial shock was outright horrible.

    So... I guess I'll see your points in more light as I research.... whether I agree or not.. ha!

  • Honesty
    No offense people, but how can you classify and entire organization or congregation as filth when only talking about relatively few incidents. Sad story however, for i've seen the same.

    The organization claims to be the "voice of God." As such, their actions should prove they are the "voice of God.".

  • SixofNine

    Hey Perry my friend :waves:

    Good thoughts, good memory, lol. I can't read your thread title though, w/o doing so in the "peasant woman from Monty Python's Holy Grail" voice.

  • Perry

    Hey there Six!! How ya been? (Same voice) The filth turned me into a newt it did!

    For any that don't know, Six and I were roomates back then. Good memories, yes. But as Honesty says the WT failed in their claims of mediatorship for the R&F. Most of Christianity rejects the idea of an organizational sanctification.

    The whole idea of sin management was destroyed on the Cross. After the Cross, believers who exchanged their life for Christ had the Holy Spirit living inside to change the wrong desires. As that developes, sin is not the master as it once was. For the re-birthed Christian, sin is a choice not a compulsion. I have personally experienced the difference. Christ gets all the credit for the good things I have in my life.

    It's just that I'm really surprised that more witnesses don't see the utter futility in making themselves more moral using only the tools of fear of destruction and imagining themselves surperior than others. Become a Budist, athiest, Christian, agnostic... anything but doing the same thing over and over and experiencing nothing but failure.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    As I read your post it became obvious that you are the problem. Wherever you go the elders commit fornication and adultry. Do you have them over to watch "R" rated movies you bad boy you?

    Just kidding.

    It's hard trying to be perfect all the time. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


  • saki2fifty
    As I read your post it became obvious that you are the problem. Wherever you go the elders commit fornication and adultry. "Do you have them over to watch "R" rated movies you bad boy you?"

    A little off topic here, but for me, its a bit mind boggling to know that someone who had at one time dedicated their lives to Jehovahs organization, nurtured the congregation as Elders, Ministerial Servents, PO's, etc.... and then to see them here speaking against the JW's, the same people that helped the congregations grow and flourish. I'm sorry, but its just hard for me to realize this for the fact that they were at one time people that the congregation looked up to.

    You have your reasons, and I respect that.


    As a born in 4th generation witness-----here's a list of things that come to my mind regarding elders, ms, etc.:

    When I was 13----PO was caught having multiple affairs with his many female Bible Studies

    His best friend----elder---had 2 families.....one was a witness family that we saw with 2 little girls, the other family lived across town with a couple of other children.

    Had a brother that went to Bethel back when you served for 4 years...he'd tell us about all the affairs, the drunken orgies, the homosexual activites that have plagued Bethel for many years.

    I can't even begin to list all the elders that I know that left their wives and families, had affairs, and then were reinstated. Some did it more than once!!! I knew lots of JW's that got drunk regularly (some were Elders, some were Top Brass from Bethel!!!), knew many JW's that did drugs, knew many that had affairs and were never caught.

    I've had at least 15 people tell me they were sexually molested as kids in this organization.....(they keep denying this happens!)

    All the while, I'd sit there listening to talks about our clean organization and how we don't have these kinds of problems, like the churches of Christendom do!!! At any given time, I could usually look around the KH and point out about half the congregation that had at least one of the these problems!

    I did try to address this many times and was promptly told I was out of line and that the FDS had everything under control...Yeah, right!!!

    My problem with all this is not that people don't make mistakes, we all do. Why act like JW's don't??? They have all the same problems as the rest of the world, they just aren't allowed to admit or get help for them!

    I'm glad for all the people that have only seen the best side of the organization...wish I could say the same. I could write a book about all the lying, affairs, drugs, bad business deals, etc. you name it...I've seen or heard about it!!!


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    there's the problem. I never dedicated my self to an organization. I was baptized in 1974 and they didn't ask me if I dedicated my life in harmony with God's spirit directed organization. My take is that there are fleshly minded and greedy persons in any HUMAN organization. This poor soul has encountered them more often than many. I know of oppressive elders who's wifes left them for other men. They were just as bad for the congregation as these two-faced adulterers. They didn't treat the flock with kindness and made it difficult for people to attend the Hall let alone pray there.

    I didn't fit in because I exposed the unkindness that abounded and didn't act like an Corporate (Oragnization) man. I treated people as people. That's why they were shocked when I removed myself from being an elder. I didn't want to be part of that good ol' boy's club anymore. They were a fraud and people didn't realize how duplicitous they really were.


  • avengers
    Otherwise, all religeous organizations are Filth

    IMO that is the way it is.
    I know many of you have a religion, believe in Christ and what not. I myself have had my belly full of religion
    If people treat me right it doesn't matter to me which religion they have.

    Religion Away with it.


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