Tornado watchs and warnings - Ontario

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  • mouthy

    Yes Sue & I lived on St John Rd... Before that Montreal North, Before that Montreal East. ( Homolka new home) before that Point-Aux- Trembles. Do you remember the hurrican there Lee.
    Br Rider was the Elder, Then Shepherd, then Heisterman, cant remember the rest

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I knew you when you were in Montreal North. That's where you knew my now-ex-brother-in-law Mario.

    Didn't realize you had lived anywhere else. The elders names I know. Shepherd was in our cong from the time they built the hall.

    He studied with my mother. And he's the one who "suggested" that my mother send Richard away then Suzanne and myself. He was also on my JC that DFed me. I always had the feeling he was over-ruled by the other two on the JC.

  • jeeprube

    Keep your heads down folks, were praying for your safety!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    About 10:30 last night the tornado watch was on for the Ottawa area. It was pouring rain, thunder and lightning and a couple of times I put the mute on the TV because the thunder sounded more like a train than a roll.

    I decided my imagination was on overload so I shut down the computer and went to bed. I'm still here and the storm clouds are gone so all is well.

  • JH

    Hi Lady Lee, there were at least 2 tornadoes in Quebec Wednesday and Thursday. I think one was force 2 and the other force 1.

    We don't get many tornadoes here, and I'm glad.

  • Life Is Grand
    Life Is Grand

    Apparently one touched down around Guelph as well(right near Hwy.401)....doesn't sound like anyone was hurt though.

    Quite the storm went through here around 9pm last nite-lots of wind and rain...but that was all, thank Goodness.

    Survived another one-


  • morty
    Apparently one touched down around Guelph as well(right near Hwy.401)....doesn't sound like anyone was hurt though.

    Thats a big 10-4 Life is Grand!!

    We had the storm come through last night...Scared the SH*T out of me!!!!! Lost our hydro for 5 hours and it got damn HOT in my place....I also watched 2 HUGE trees come down in front of my place...I was taking cover to the basement with the animals and freaking about where the hell my kids were...( they decided to go to the city to bowl and watch a movie 4 hours earyler..)....Turned out, that they were safe in the movie theater but, were worried about me once they got out and heard that the storm was in our town...They got hold of me ( in the basement) on my cell and I warned them to hold back there till the storm ended....

    Really though, we get tornadoe warnings/watches very often here and 9 times out of 10 nothing comes of it except a bad storm...I am just a big chicken having lived through a large tornadoe....I am pretty sure some kind of weather radar company will show up here today in my town to see if indeed a tornadoe did touch down or if was just a bad storm...

    heard/watched all the hydro and tree cutter troops early this morning and still hard at it....

    What a mess I have to clean up today!! I will be gathering branches/twigs for hours....

    Morty of the big chicken class

  • Life Is Grand
    Life Is Grand

    Can't blame you for being a wee bit afraid Morty-especially when something like that comes up and all of your babies aren't home-as long as you can account for everyone's whereabouts, it's never quite so bad.

    Glad to hear you weathered it through-we had the odd branches and leaves lying around the lawns this morning, but nothing too bad.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Quite a light and sound show last night! Went outside this morning and I have to restake my tomato plants and clean up a few branches and leaves but that's about it.

    On a positive side, my water barrels are all full again!! YEAH!!!


  • lilybird

    We live just east of Toronto.There was lots of lightning.Amazing bright flashes and huge fork lightning. It rained hard for a couple of hours but no strong winds here. My daughter who lives in the west side of Toronto phoned and said the winds were strong almost pushing the trees over with heavy rain. No tornados where she was luckily.I was hoping the rain would cooll things off.. It is still muggy and hot here.

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