I don't know how I'm going to give them up...

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  • apfergus

    Aww! They're cute! I used to volunteer at the local animal shelter just so I could be around adoreable animals since I can't have pets in my apartment, but then school caught up with me.

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    So cute

    My daughter just adopted an 8 week old kitten who had litter box trouble as well. I asked a good friend of mine who LOVES cats how to remedy this, she suggested "showing" the cat how to scratch in the box, and take them to it as soon as they've eaten. We have 2 older cats that could very well have helped train the new one, but I went & bought a little box he could get into, locked him in the bathroom overnite with it & by the next day he had it down.

    Good Luck!

  • anewme

    I feel your pain! For some reason Gracie is just calling me!!!!
    Oh they are all so cute.
    But my advice would be to place the kittens in good homes. It is the best thing for them and you if you cant keep them. A house with too many unboxed trained kits becomes a health hazard quickly.

    We know how much you love them. I always think how smart the creator was to make babies sooooo desireable.

    Best wishes to you and thanks for sharing the sweet pictures.
    Goodbye little Gracie!
    Good names by the way!


  • gwyneth


    Gracie does pull on the heartstrings, doesn't she...she is the runt.

    They were discovered in a military vehicle that was being transported from Jacksonville to Orlando. The soldier (friend of a friend) called and said that a cat jumped out of the open window as they approached the vehicle, but he didn't think anything of it...after they were on the road, he heard some noises and discovered 3 kittens. By the time they got to Daytona, he called to say a 4th kitten had been found barely alive in a crevice full of water...Gracie was almost submerged and valiantly kept her head above the water for over 2 hours. When we got her, we didn't think she was going to make it through the night...but now, although she's still the smallest, she is the most demanding and vocal and...accident-prone...(ahem.)

  • Virgochik

    Gwyneth, you did a wonderful thing, helping those poor babies! I'm sure the local Humane Society has several more poor kittens that need foster homes till their new Moms and Dads come and adopt them! You could start something you might really enjoy!

    My husband won't let me bring any more home. I have a tomcat I raised from a tiny kitten who literally goes up the curtains in a screeching ball of jealousy if he sees me petting another cat.

  • unique1

    As suggested previously, put them in the litter box and take their front paws and rub them through the litter, like they would do to cover up their stuff. Most cats like to scratch something over their mess instinctively and this feels natural to them. They will squirm because they are kittens. Just do it repetitively, every morning, every night and eventually they will get the hang of it. GOOD LUCK. They are adoreable.

  • lonelysheep

    Oh, they are adorable!! I would have a hard time giving them up, too.

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