Is "scholar" really a JW?

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  • ozziepost

    Just wondering.

    • For someone who spends so much time on JWD, he hasn't got much time for the endless cycle of meetings and "field serviceā„¢".
    • He's never revealed anything about his creds except his loudly trumpeted 'degrees'.
    • He's got the board running hot over his endless repeating of the same old.
    • He frequents the library at an Anglican Church theological college.
    • He is a major contributor to an "apostateā„¢" discussion board.

    Oh well, just wondering.

  • KW13

    good points.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    What scholar is:

    A social runt indulging in self-gratification right before our eyes, as he struggles his climb of Watchtower rungs seeking what is, to him, an ultimate social acceptance with meaning.

    What scholar is not:

    A serious interlocutor in pursuit of sound conclusions.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • MegaDude
    He's got the board running hot over his endless repeating of the same old.

    That meets my definition of a troll.

    I guess I would rather ask,

    Why haven't you deleted him?

  • ozziepost


    Fair point. I think you will have guessed what my thoughts are.Before you posted, you will see I posted this on "that thread":

    A "Do not feed the troll" image (don't encourage trolls by reacting to them)

    I have taken the view that "iron sharpens iron", so by viewing his many posts and their refutation that posters and lurkers alike will see the paucity of WTS arguments.

    We don't usually require some identification to post on JWD but I think it would help if, in this case, these were forthcoming.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • MegaDude

    He isn't worthy of any more attention.

    All of his arguments have been refuted and are a part of the board's archives.

    He is here merely for attention he can get. Be it negative or positive it's accomplishes his goal.

    He does not want help, enlightenment, a fair exchange of ideas, honest discussion.

    He wastes valuable time of resident board members who have to constantly refute him.

    It's really time to say fare thee well to him.

    just my two sense, Oz.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Ozzie,

    I've wondered myself about scholars status as a jw. He said in an earlier post something about coming on here to educate all us apostates in matters of truth. I'm not sure that was the exact quote, but it's close. He's not having much success though. I've just posted a reply to his last attack on me, though I'm not sure he's really worth it, and I noticed the "traffic sign" that you put up then. I think if he was allowed, he'd post forever on threads like that, and never really say anything.

    Having said that, I have rather enjoyed locking horns with him a few times tonight.


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