Should we be concerned?

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  • 2112

    I was just thinking that there maybe a dark future ahead.

    I hope I am way off but you never can tell. We have all seen a lot of talk recently about the end is near, etc.... Yes, I know they have always said it. But they were never in this bad of shape, shrinking membership and funds. But there have been the comments like "This is the last convention.", "Store up supplies for the tribulation."

    Honestly, does any of that sound rational? Or does it sound more like desperation? If it is desperation then what is next? How many times have these controling cults, when they think their backs are to the wall, have they slautered their followers, one way or another? I know we all will say, "Yea, but the average JW is too smart for that." How many times do we all see, and read about here, how the most absurd things our friends and family members say. And how they are able to rationalize everything down to Gods channel is to be obeyed.

    Again I hope I am totally wrong but I have thought about it, and they do sound desperate. And it worries me.

    Please let me know what you think. LOL

  • carla

    I've had a few thoughts along those lines myself. Not so much a Jim Jones scenario, more individual stupid life choices regarding finances or something. For me anyway I have seen them have influence over my jw in that regard and worry about my own financial future with him in this doomsday cult.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    I was just thinking that there maybe a dark future ahead.

    Gee, you wouldn't be jw would you ?

    Maybe you could do more for them, and then you'd be ok.

  • 2112

    No I am not a JW I am an exJW. But my wife and my father are both JWs.

    Why do you need clarification?

  • kid-A

    I see no reason for concern over regular "baseline" levels.

    We need to remember the WTS is at its foundation, a very successful "publishing corporation" with hundreds of thousands of "employees" on its payroll. The WTS is not suicidal . They are actively expanding and planning for their future. They may be suffering lapsing membership in North America and Europe, but they will more than make up for this with their inevitable expansion into South America, Africa, former soviet bloc countries and likely China in the near future.

    P.T. Barnums insightful and immortal words "there's a sucker born every minute" will keep the WTS in business well into the distant future.

  • 2112

    I kind of see things that way also, but I can't help think how far can they go and how many will follow.

    Most of the heavens gate group were middle class succesful people and they did what they did.

    It just makes me wonder.


  • Honesty

    What else can the Governing Body do to the jw's?

    They've already got them terrified out of their minds.

    That's where they intend to keep them, too.

  • daniel-p

    I'm still waiting for this "shocking" announcement in September - I'm sure it will be something along these lines of ill foreboding.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    First of all, if you believe Jesus warnings apply to more than 70 CE, then you need to remember Jesus words that said, "Nobody would know the day or the hour", he also said," it would come as a theif in the night." So with those things in mind, how would anyone know it was coming months in advanced? Enough to prepare for??

    Let's just think worst case senarrio.. say it did come... we all know how much Jehovah hates lying and deciept, right?? (Many "wordly" ones feel the end may be close as well. JWs are not the only ones who believe this.) Well just that alone would prove that the organization won't have Jehovahs favor. Jesus will look into the heart of each and every human on earth. Looking for two, and faith.

    Try not to keep worrying... do your best to be Christ like.. and remember what Jesus required of the man hanging next to him when he was dying. The man only needed one thing. He needed faith in Jesus. By that display, he was told, "you will be with me in paradise". Jesus doesn't have double standards. We will all be measured by the "same stick", so to speak.

    Just remember... many are leaving the organization for a reason.. it is not all for immorality, as the society would like you to believe. Why would they go to all the trouble and expence to fight getting "Watchtower Quotes" shut down? It had only quotes from old literature. The reason is.. so many are finding out about the lies and decipt, and are leaving, they don't want ones to see for themselves what was once in print. If they had truth, it would withstand any examination. But they don't, and so it doesn't.

    They are scared to death.. the internet is like a epidemic of information. By keeping ones fearful of the end coming, will pull in those on the fringes.. at least that is what they hope. By encouraging ones to not look on the internet research, they are hoping to keep their flock from the truth.

    My feelings are.. what ever Jehovah and Jesus have in store will happen regardless. By doing what Jesus said in God's word,and by examining the scriptures, particularily the Gospel accounts, it will be most faith strengthening, and comforting. You don't have anything to fear. Have faith!


    Lady Liberty

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    I was just thinking that there maybe a dark future ahead.

    Who thinks like that ?

    This is a very serious effect of the conditioning you have received - indeed your dark time is all around you, because you have been taught that.

    Is that what it is to be a child ? (become like children)

    Others are playing in the sun, rich, poor, healthy or not - but those influenced in jwism are in the 'dark future' in their minds - I believe it's an American thing too - all that bad news and terrorism things; a lot of conditioning there.

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