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    The President of the U.S. has signed into law The John Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act which will among other things provide 500 new federal marshals to fight pedophiles and create a new easily accessible sex offenders finder database.

    The Watchtower Society has not cared to divulge the names of offenders among their ranks from the Governing Body down to the local kingdom halls but now human society in the U.S. is doing an end-run around them.

    I recommend that since you know the names of JWs in your area and likely too some who are serving at the various Bethel buildings and farm sites, that as soon as the new federal database goes online on the internet, you type in zipcodes to check to see if any of the names there are familiar to you.

    Also, if you are in another nation which does not have such a database, then I urge you do all you can to lobby for one. Save The Kids And We Who Are Their Parents.

  • okoakridge

    P.S. Please note that on the link near the top it says VIDEO MULTI-MEDIA which most of us can click on and immediately see and hear TV footage of speech by the President and John Walsh about this new law.

    Pedophiles do not just abuse children. They band together to also attack adults who speak up against them and whom they simply fear just might speak up against them.

    Imagine being in congregations with elders and even wives of pedophiles who pass on word to harass the living hell out of potential Whistleblowers as they move to other places thinking they can intimidate those putting God and the kids first into silence.

    Instead the pervert harassers have been fought and will keep being fought by the disclosing of their cult of darkness and terrorism cloaked in the guise of religious loyalty to God, when in fact it but is a shield for their evil.

    My name is known to you who abuse the kids and adults and now the names of millions upon millions of other American citizens will also become known to you who have been unsuccessful,as INSTEAD of intimidating us we will all now be not only MOTIVATED to fight you all the harder, but EMPOWERED by the extremely easy clicking on of internet links.

    Thanks to God I am still alive post operation and have seen this day and will, God willing, also see the day when the names of all you perverts and misled pervert helpers are openly disclosed before the sunlight for all to see so as to protect our kids,,,, and other adults.

    May the likes of *** (newly captured alleged serial pedophile arrested with his Bethel identity card still on him in New York) tremble in utter fear. Your day of easy pickings among human society are now at an end.

    You who are ritual abusers of our Little Ones: Run, run, run into the night but know that the sunlight keeps following you even into the pits of the deepest of darkness.

    I cannot say more. Instead this Law will speak for all of us. Thank you Legislators and John Walsh.

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    it's about time they did something

  • Mistah MOJO
    Mistah MOJO

    WOW! It's about time the government did something GOOD for the nation!!!

  • MinisterAmos

    I'm not sure how much "good" those FIVE HUNDRED new US Marshalls (500 X $175,000 total wage & ben package every year = $87,500,000) will do at catching pedophiles.

    What are they going to do other than the chat rooom stings that typically start with the cop finding someone in a chat and asking them if they would like to have sex. The next line is "Oh by the way I'm only 16 is that OK?"

    Not a real tough or dangerous job but I guess with US Marshalls they can chat in TX and fly out and vacation in HI while visiting the perv.

    This stuff is already being done by local LE as I'm sure you all know. The feds will only raise the bar to new heights of spending per coerced arrest

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